March 24

So last night the girl and I sat watching Desperate Housewives that I had DVR’d.

‘Cause a great mother always lets their daughter’s watch trash like that.


Anyway, in part of this show, the children were selling candy bars for their school.

Their mothers wanted their kids to win for different reasons.

One of the mother’s wanted her girl to win because her daughter has no friends and the winner will get a huge party.

Her thinking was that if her girl won, then she could invite everyone to the party and therefore the girl would have instant friends.

That led me to think about how sad it is that some people think that others can be bought and how the younger you are the easier it is to be bought…and whether or not I could be bought.

Sad to say, I have allowed myself to be ‘bought’ before.

So my question for you is…can you be bought?

Maybe not on moral/religious principles, but small things?

Go out to dinner with someone you really don’t want to spend time with, but hey! they are paying! so you go anyway?




Can you?


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7 thoughts on “March 24”

  1. Although I was bought with the price of calvary and that was pretty costly and different from what you’re talking about, I would like to think I couldn’t be bought. Maybe when I was younger I could have but I really don’t know. That’s a good question. Either people like me or they don’t. I may want to be liked and loved but I don’t want it that way.

    Sometimes I may have to go to dinner or a meeting or some places I really would prefer not to because I am tired but that is part of the ministry. You never know if by going or doing you are being a witness. I remember one day Gpa Teal said he had plans one day at the farm but they were derailed because someone stopped by and wanted to talk and needed help with something. God changed his plans. It wasn’t something he wanted to do, but something God wanted him to do.

    Anytime I buy something or take someone out to go shopping or to eat, I do it because I want to and because I love them. Never to buy their love.

  2. This week has been fraught (sp?) with buy outs, sell outs, and the like. People that would sell their soul to the devil himself.

    I live in a place where the beliefs of the majority are so different from my own-but I refuse to sell out to them or to anyone else like I have in the past. Life’s too short.

  3. If I could be bought, I could make a fortune as a congressman. But, I’d rather be broke than be like the snakes in Washington, D.C. We need to fire them all and move the capitol to Kansas where we can keep an eye on them! It’s hard for me to imagine that God loves them, too, but I know he does.

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