March 23

The very first candy bar that I ever remember getting from a grocery store was the Marathon bar.

Do you remember it?   It looked like it was braided and it was caramel covered in chocolate.

I haven’t seen any of them in stores in like….forever.

You see, I heart chocolate.   But coming in a very close second is caramel.

And today’s TWD is all about caramel.

Specifically Dulce de leche.   Which literally translated means ‘sweet of the milk’.

All you have to do is take a can of sweetened condensed milk,  put it in your crock pot, cover it with water…at least 2 inches… and cook it on high over night.

Voila~dulce de leche.

You can spread it on graham crackers, top ice cream, dip Oreo’s in it, eat it straight from the can with a spoon, or make today’s TWD that Jodie of Beansy Loves Cake picked for us.

Dulce de leche Duos.

These are fan.tastic!

I used heaping teaspoonfuls as directed, but as you can see…that was just to much.

So I made them smaller.

Not only is there dulce de leche in the cookies, but then you take some and spread it on the bottom of one.

And because I’m on a Nutella kick, I spread some on the bottom of the other half and sandwich them together.

Because you just can’t have enough Nutella.

Oh! my! goodness!

These cookies have everything that I love.

Butter, caramel, chocolate.

If you want to make some fabulous cookies, go grab the recipe from Jodie’s blog.   It should be up sometime today.


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50 thoughts on “March 23”

  1. Well, you might have to change your name to Caramelchic, or Nutellachic….nah, I like Chocolatechic, but please, keep sharing all your ideas no matter what they’re made of!

  2. Ohhh, they do look wonderful. My sister came home from a trip to Brazil many years ago raving about Dulce de leche. I’ve always wondered about it. Perhaps I’ll bake her a batch of cookies and see what she thinks. Thank you!

  3. Don’t hurt me but… I don’t remember Marathon bar. *bracing self for punch* Ironically I wasn’t a fan of the chocolate+dulce de leche cookie sandwich but nutella might be a different story! I think I have a few cookies left. Might have to try some. Purely for scientific research 😉

  4. your cookies look incredible!! They came out looking very different than mine did though, interesting! But I loved mine too, so we are both winners!! Yaaay!

  5. Nutella sounds like a wonderful addition – I’ll have to try that next time! There is a candy store dangerously close to my house that carries “vintage” candy bars. I bet they have Marathon candy bars!

  6. gosh, your pictures are always so great. Glad you liked the cookie/Nutella combo; I wasn’t so nuts about it though I eat Nutella on just about anything else made of flour! Crazy.

  7. Those look yummy! I loved Marathon candy bars. They aren’t available anymore, but you can buy something called a Curly Wurly bar by Cadbury which is essentially the same thing.

  8. See, I knew we were kindred spirits. I LOVED the Marathon bar. There is a similar one made by Cadbury called curly wurly. At least I think that’s what it’s called.

    These cookies are AWESOME. And the addition of Nutella? BRILLIANT.

  9. I loved Marathon bars they were my very favorite candy bar growing up!
    Im glad you loved these cookies..we did too! I want to make them with ice cream in the middle!

  10. Nutella and dulce de leche sounds like a winning combination to me. I made extra DDL, since I figured, much like Nutella, it would be good on just about everything.

  11. DDL on Oreos??? Where has that idea been my whole life. My brain is just running away with that idea now! We loved these cookies too. I agree, as much as I love chocolate, caramel really is a very close second.

  12. Cool idea using the Nutella-actually, I thought about it since I had some in my pantry, but wanted to find the store bought version of the dulce de leche. Finally did at Walmart. I love your thin and crispy cookies!

  13. Somehow I knew there would be chocolate involved. They all look lovely…have to do some with chocolate for the guys, won’t I? Had to make the dulce twice (using David Lebovitz’ recipe baking it in a pie plate in the oven) because the teen guys thought it was butterscotch pudding while it was cooling and ATE it before I realized what they were doing. Put a large note on it, hide it, or nail it down…that’s my policy around here, but somehow they occasionally get by without my radar.

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