March 22

Have you ever been hungry but you are not sure what you want to eat?

You open up the cupboards, and nothing speaks to you.

You go to the fridge, open it up and stand there wishing something that will grow between the 4½ dozen eggs, rice milk and leftover pork broth?


Last night was one of those times for me, but I finally found something that hit the spot.

Salty and sweet.

The perfect combo.

But the best part is, since I’m the only one that eats the Nutella….I can double dip.


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10 thoughts on “March 22”

  1. I should send my daughter to you, then you would have true competition for the nutella and wouldn’t have the chance to double dip.

  2. Mmm! Shh, don’t tell my boys, sometimes I double dip and they eat the Nutella, too. But I’d never do that and use it for something other than spoonfuls or on bread!

  3. Yes, and it’s happening right now after having been to Cherry Hill Cottage. But, not for pretzels and Nutella. Enjoy!

  4. My favourite way to eat Nutella is on graham crackers with marshmallow fluff. Yummie! I got hooked on the stuff when I was at university in France. Everybody eats it over there.

  5. Nuts and chocolate seemed like a no-brainer for me….but I just don’t like this stuff. Although I love dipping pretzels into many things..chocolate sauce, cream cheese frosting, cheese dip, mustard….hum, feeling a bit hungry now.

  6. I love Nutella – just bought some last week for the first time ever, but my housemates in college used to buy it by the case. It is fabulous with strawberries. I love the graham cracker idea (but no marshmallow fluff for me – and I don’t think I’d like it on bread, either!). I also like it with pretzels – and almonds. Yum – now I’m wishing I would have brought it to work with me today!

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