March 21

Happy Spring, Internet.

I heart Spring.

Today I am thankful for …

  • Superman picking up dog poo
  • Superman pulling weeds and cleaning the junk out of my gardens
  • Time spent with the girl transplanting some daffodils and hyacinth
  • Reese cup eggs
  • The boy liking his new job

What are you thankful for today?


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7 thoughts on “March 21”

  1. Today I am very thankful for our pianist. We love her not just because she plays the piano, but she is a very lovely person. She loves God and serves him with her whole heart. She will be having hip replacement surgery tomorrow. We will truly miss her playing the piano why she recuperates but I am more concerned about her health. She is in her middle 70’s, has diabetes and heart problems.

    I would be very appreciative if all your chic fans would remember her in prayer during surgery tomorrow morning at 6:30 am and through her recovery.

    Love you Chic

  2. We will be praying for her. Tell her I said so, will you?

    I am so thankful we have a heavenly Father we can go to in times like these.

    Thankful for ant traps to get the little buggers who have invaded our domain.

    I too am thankful for Reese eggs(and any other chocolate that might come my way.

    I am thankful I finally finished my 13th heirloom “JERRY BEAR”for Aunt Sandy’s kids and grands. They all turned out real well.

  3. I’m thankful for God’s sustaining nearness and grace. I’ve been reading in 1st Kings this week – and am reminded again that God is willing to do battle FOR me – and I got shivers all over again when I read about Elisha’s servant’s eyes being opened to the heavenly army surrounding and protecting them!

    God is so amazing! So good! So kind! So loving! So passionate for us – willing to give His precious Son that we might have life.

    Okay – time to go do some serious worshipping!

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