March 19

Hey Internet, it is Friday and I am nosy.

How about giving an answer (thoughtful, sarcastic, or whatever) to these waaaay overused questions.

  1. “Come here often?”
  2. “What’s new?”
  3. “[insert weather] enough for ya?”
  4. “How’s it hangin?”
  5. “How ’bout them [insert sports team]?”


1.  Yes, I come here every day.

2.  Laundry was hung outside yesterday for the first time this year……Yahooooooooo!

3.  Sunny enough for me?   Nope!

4.  I abhor this question!

5.  And I don’t do sports…….waste of time.

Your next.


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19 thoughts on “March 19”

  1. 1. Every other day
    2. My emailadress, my old one was hacked last night, and the giveaway over on my blog
    3. Cloudy enough? Too cloudy!!
    4. What’s hangin’?? 😉
    5. I don’t do sports… Sorry…

  2. I can’t deal with these 5 questions. Memories are too painful. These were my favorite pickup lines when I was young. (I was lonely!!)

  3. 1. Several times a week.
    2. My left knee.
    3. Sunny enough for me–not yet.
    4. No answer.
    5. Not a sports fan.

  4. 1. I try to read daily – but I’ve been sick for a long, long time, and I’m just now finally able to sit up long enough to get back to it.
    2. What’s new? I was strong enough to drive the length of the driveway and back 8 times yesterday – a new record! Woo Hoo!
    3. Yes, it’s sunny enough for me – it’s absolutely gorgeous. Although I won’t lie – I wouldn’t mind if it were a bit warmer!
    4. & 5. I’ve been under anesthesia too many times in the recent past to even attempt to come up with a witty answer!!!

  5. 1.“Come here often?” – yes, several times a week

    2.“What’s new?” – Hmmmmmmm. Hubby has worked day shift for the last two days.

    3.“Warm enough for ya?” – not quite yet.

    4.“How’s it hangin?” 😛

    5.“How ’bout them [insert sports team]?” – not really a sports fan.

  6. 1.“Come here often?” Every Day

    2.“What’s new?”

    3.“[insert weather] enough for ya?”
    Sunny enough for ya? Not yet.

    4.“How’s it hangin?” How’s what hangin?

    5.“How ’bout them [insert sports team]?” Not into sports.

  7. 1. Just started back
    2. ummm…nothing I can think of!
    3. loving the warm weather
    4. heavy! LOL!
    5. Wildcats? Woo! Hoo!

  8. 1. Come here often? Most days.
    2. What’s new? Shoes
    3. Raining enough for ya? Over 19 inches since March 1, so way too much.
    4. How’s it hangin? ……………
    5. How ’bout them? Not that into sports.

  9. 1. “Come here often?”
    2. “What’s new?”
    3. “[insert weather] enough for ya?”
    4. “How’s it hangin?”
    5. “How ’bout them [insert sports team]?”
    1. I try to.
    2. Not much.
    3. Nope.
    4. Define “it”.
    5. The only team I really follow, Red Sox, are just in Spring Training so I know nothing and to find out would be expensive.

  10. 1. “Come here often?” I like the company.
    2. “What’s new?” Too much new for my liking.
    3. “Muddy enough for ya?” Yeah.
    4. “How’s it hangin?” By a thread.
    5. “How ’bout them [insert sports team]?” What? Uh, sure, uh, if you like ’em, they might be okay.

  11. 1. “Come here often?” YES, I’m subscribed.
    2. “What’s new?” My Spring Break is ending, and for the first time, I didn’t want Friday to come. 😦
    3. “[insert weather] enough for ya?” I don’t know. I haven’t been outside.
    4. “How’s it hangin?” See #2 😦
    5. “How ’bout them [insert sports team]?” I don’t care for sports.

  12. 1. “pert near”

    2. my puppy wuppy is still new

    3. “Sunny – a little more blue and it would be glorious perfection”

    4. “Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?”

    5. “little leaguers”

  13. 1. Every chance I get.

    2. Never heard of “s’new’

    3.Cold enough for you? No I like it at least 32 below zero.

    4.You mean the laundry?

    4.Don’t know nuthin about ’em.

  14. 1. Come here often
    2. What’s new –
    3. ____ enough for you
    4. How’s it hangin
    5. How bout them

    1. Every day and where have you been?
    2. New York, New Jersey, New Mexico
    3. Hot and Humid . Yeah that’s why I live with central air
    4. It doesn’t
    5. HOW BOUT THEM BUCKEYES AND INDIANS? Can’t argue with a true O H I O fan now can you?

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