March 15

Dear Government,

I know you are strapped for cash, so I have come up with an idea to save you some money.

This letter….unnecessary.


It would have saved you thousands of dollars on paper, ink envelopes and postage.


I want my money back


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25 thoughts on “March 15”

  1. I thought the same thing when I got my letter! That waste of paper and postage, coupled with the incessant TV and radio ads is a giant waste of funds and resources. IMHO I think it should have just been a website.

  2. It’s funny, from reading your blog, I’ve come to doubt that we agree on many things government-related, but I’m with you on this one. The only audience I could imagine it being aimed at would be those who are frightened or skeptical of receiving government documents in the mail, and those people will either a: open neither this nor the upcoming census form, or b: do as you and I did, open it, and assume all forthcoming mail from the government will be junk. A little marketing sense, please, census bureau.

  3. You want to know what a real waste of money is related to the census???? I also got the above mentioned letter. Then last week a person hand delivered my census to me. The office she was delivering from is 60 miles away! They get $11 per hour and 50 cents a mile. Outrageous! I asked her if I could get my hired man’s census who lives on the east side of the road as he was working. On no! She was doing the west side and another person would come and do the east side. And let’s not forget the census visit I had last summer to make sure someone lived here.

    If my calculations are somewhat close this is what it cost just for my census. Two 120 mile round trips at .50 cents a miles ($120), 2 trips – an hour each way (4 hours x $11 = $44) and whatever it cost to print the notification letter & actual census (labor, materials, postage) So at least $164! No wonder our country is in so much trouble…………….

  4. I got the same letter and can not believe the waste. Wasted paper, wasted ink, wasted time, and wasted money. I would say more like tens of thousands of dollars! That’s our government for you!

  5. I thought the very same thing…just send me the silly census…no letter needed. Geez! How much money did they spend just to tell me it’s on it way?

  6. Not disagreeing w/you.

    ***The way the government thinks:

    By having someone come and verify that someone lives at each residence – jobs

    By printing & mailing above mentioned letter – jobs

    By hand delivering census document – jobs

    By having someone come by to every residense if the census is not returned – jobs


    Of course none of these jobs is long term but it is much like what FDR did back in the 30’s and 40’s. If they would stop the bailouts, ease up on the taxes, encourage keeping factories open to produce products in USA then the private sector would be able to employ more people over the long term.

    End of soap box.

  7. Not only that, but we received a state census AND a US census. Um, why couldn’t one be enough?

    That stupid super bowl census commercial cost over 2 million dollars-I’d like a refund.

    And if we GROUNDED Air Force One and stopped it from going out on the CAMPAIGN TRAIL-we’d be some rich folks. I’m just sayin.’

  8. Seriously. I thought the EXACT same thing when I got that stupid thing in the mail. I don’t need a letter telling me that I am going to get a letter. And really, the people who need this letter arent going to read this one or the next one. Let’s be real. Waste, waste, waste…

  9. Lets not forget the census worker who came to my home around Sept. to tell me that the census would be going on in the spring. The money they could have saved would have helped with insurance for some people who had none. They think they can do a better job with our health care, can’t wait to see this Not!

  10. Oh the kvetching in this house over the very same thing. I wonder just how much that did cost. I know it was more than thousands and all while the administration is talking about spending trillions of our dollars on healthcare reform that we don’t want.

  11. To top this off yesterday I got a notice saying I SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED IT and I suspect I will get another note saying thank you for sending it back to them. Our hard earned dollars at work…

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