16 thoughts on “March 11”

  1. when Chocky doesn’t post! 😦 I like to start my day with you friend!

    So, I think I might try to get my act together and post something on my blog for once… it’s been months! check back later.

  2. …when it’s your birthday and your husband gives you a talking card that tells you you’re old and your children think it’s the most hilarious thing ever and play it over and over and over. And your husband convinces your children that you’re older than he is because March comes before September, ignoring the YEAR of birth.

  3. You go to a funeral and look down at your feet and see you have on 2 different shoes!! Tanya, do you know where the little shopping area is ,down the way from my church? There is a Kroger,Speedway,banks and K Mart?Well there is an empty store next to K Mart and today there was a sign in the window, “COMING SOON-
    SCHULER’S BAKERY” .Not even 2 miles from me. What’s a woman to do?

  4. your 2 year old comes to you and wants an apple.
    and then comes back to you in 5 minutes without the apple and when you say “where’s that whole apple I just gave you”
    they say nothing at all
    but they take your hand and lead you into the bathroom and point into the toilet and say “It was yuck so I flushed it”

  5. It’s 3:30 a.m. and your teething ten-month-old wakes you up crying and you run to get him before he wakes up his brother and just as you’re crawling into bed, the two-year-old brother says, “Mama? I awake, too!” So you try to get them back to sleep in your bed (because the husband has fallen asleep on the couch downstairs) but instead all they can do is giggle at each other and play. Finally the husband wakes up, comes upstairs, and puts the two-year-old to sleep and you get the baby to sleep and guess what… you can’t get back to sleep! Finally you fall asleep – only for the cycle to begin again at 5 a.m. That’s how you know it’s going to be one of those days!

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