March 10

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood
A beautiful day for a neighbor
Would you be mine
Could you be mine

So, let's make the most of this beautiful day
Since we're together we might as well say
Would you be mine, could you be mine

Won't you be my neighbor
Won't you please, won't you please
Please won't you be my neighbor


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15 thoughts on “March 10”

  1. I wonder why the auction starts at 9:59???? It would be a nice investment for you if you could swing it or a nice ‘RETIREMENT HOME” for someone…..

  2. How exciting for a self-proclaimed nosy neighbour! Will you be at the auction to see who buys the house, or will you peek with binoculars from behind your curtains? (Can you tell I’ve been watching old episodes of Bewitched? I love the nosy neighbour lady!) 🙂

  3. I would love to be your neighbor. Do you think your neighborhood could HANDLE that much baking going on? We’d have to hold weekly bake sales.:)

    1. They are Rose of Sharron hedges. When we first moved in, the little old man and woman that lived there sat on their front porch and would watch what we were doing in our house.

      So, they are a ‘friendly’ fence.

  4. While I would love to be your neighbor I do not wish to move to Ohio nor could I convince hubby to do so – he really wasn’t impressed the one time his job sent him there for a class.

    I have some neighbors that I want to block the view of, not because they can see onto our property but because we want to keep their trash (all sorts of) on their side of the property line. To do this I want to plant some nice bushy evergreens. I’ll let you know if we do so.

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