March 9

Every year around Christmas time, my Aunt Cindy makes all sorts of fabulous cookies, and one of my favorites is the Thumb Print.

She fills the wee divot with icing.  Not jam.

I am in 100% favor of this, because if anything I am an icing fiend.

Well,  Mike of Ugly Food Dude picked today’s TWD.   Thumb Prints For Us Big Guys.

And I am so glad, because this year for Christmas, my Aunt Cindy did not bring me any of her fabulous cookies.

And lest you think I am complaining~~which I am~~I did get some of her wonderful Peanut Butter Fudge, so she is forgiven…but just this once.

Dorie tells us to make a small ball and either stick our pinky finger or the end of a wooden spoon in the center, and because I didn’t want to scrape dried dough out of my finger nail for the next 3 days, I used the wooden spoon.

I was hoping that they would spread while baking.

But they did not, and now they look like filled dough nuts.

So, I decided that since they were called thumb print cookies, I’d go back to the original way of making them and stick my thumb in them.

Much better.

I tried one with Nutella on them, but they just weren’t as good as with the Strawberry jam. 

I know!   I couldn’t believe it either!

A few notes.

  • I added an egg yolk and a pinch of salt to the dough because others were having difficulty with them crumbling.

  • I also didn’t add almond extract, because … ewwwwwwwwwww!

PS.  Sorry for the late entry.   Remember dial-up?   It is faster than my computer today.  I started this entry at 7:30 am.   It is now 10:55 am.

If you see a computer lying in the road, please run over it for me.  



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40 thoughts on “March 9”

  1. How nice of you to ask that MY computer be run over. Really, it’s got issues, too! I’m now using my husband’s laptop!
    Egg yolk seems to be the key. Mine were tender, but also crumbly, which didn’t bother me that they crumbled in my hands after one bite, because they were good.
    I took the wooden spoon and widened the circles a bit, but they spread like craters. Still–good.
    I do want to try them with the jam sometime, I just knew my family wouldn’t eat them at all that way.

  2. Oh my, those cookies look delicious and a lot like jelly filled doughnuts. Pardon my ignorance, but what is TWD. I’ve been racking my brain and just can’t figure it out. BTW, Love your blog! Good luck with your computer, they can be so helpful and real pains too.

  3. I like thumbprint cookies too. I have a recipe with cream cheese in the dough. Very, very good.
    Almond flavouring would be very good. It’s also very good in a cherry pie, and it’s what flavours angel food cake.
    Yes, I remember dial-up because that’s what I use. Very frustrating at times, but the other options are very expensive out in the country, where we live. So it’s dial-up or nothing. Oh well.

  4. You’re telling me that jam was better than Nutella? Really? Are you feeling OK?

    I made mine with ground almond meal and salted caramel ganache and they were yummy.

  5. I think both shapes are super cute, the little divot and the thumbprint. And, whoa, Chocolate Chic liked strawberry jam more than Nutella in these cookies?! Color me shocked. I’m glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

  6. Your cookies look gorgeous! I love your pictures. I have to wholeheartedly agree with you…I made these thumbprints with nutella tonight at the request of my kids…and they weren’t as nice! I can’t believe I’m saying that either!!

  7. Good tip about the extra egg yolk for crumbling cookies. These look so festive and pretty and delicious.

    Sorry about the computer…sounds plenty aggravating.

  8. Hello my friend-are you feeling okay? Nutella is better than strawberry jam? I think you might need to see a dr about that before it gets worse and we all wake up tomorrow with the sky hanging upside down.:D

    I’ve missed catching up with you!

  9. You are not as late as me…I am just getting posted and am visiting blogs tomorrow, but I saw this come through from you so decided to answer and see yours! Made it all through winter without a sniffle, a cold, the flu, nothing. Now it is almost 60 degrees here and I am down with it all. Surfacing just long enough to post my entry, am I crazy or what? Your cookies look wonderful. I didn’t think the guys would love these, but they did!

  10. Gorgeous thumbprints. Good for you adding the egg yolk – I’m sure it made the dough much more manageable. I had spread and crumbling at the same time, which seems impossible.

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