March 8

Did you stay up to watch the Oscars?

I didn’t.

I really couldn’t care less.

Remember the end of January when the boy hit a deer?

And we were down to two vehicles?

And we spent every single day playing musical cars and musical keys?

Well the thing that made it bearable was that  a friend of the boy was driving him to school.

Which was fabulous because we were waiting on our tax return ~~Hello IRS!  You could speed up the process any time!~~ so that we could purchase another vehicle because the whole musical car thing was getting old.  Really fast.

Unfortunately, his ride to school had a fight with her mom and moved 40 minutes away.

Which meant either we got another vehicle, or the boy didn’t go to school.

And still no word from the IRS.

Enter my mad negotiating skilz.

Please say hi to my new car, in which I negotiated down from $4,000 to $2700.

Take that IRS!



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13 thoughts on “March 8”

  1. I didn’t watch the Oscars. I just watch the Red Carpet, so I can see the pretty dresses. And well, maybe some pretty faces, like George Clooney.
    Good job on the car!

  2. OK, it it for the boy or for you and he gets your vehicle? We are not good negotiators here so when we go to buy a vehicle we’ll be taking hubby’s aunt with us because she’s good like you at that sort of thing.

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