March 4

Have y’all seen UP?

You know, the only Disney/Pixar film that actually has a plot?

If you haven’t, you really should see it.

Remember the cone of shame?



Chloe does not like her cone of shame.



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12 thoughts on “March 4”

  1. Hahaha! It is so funny how embarrassed a dog can look! I remember our dog, from when I was a kid, trying her hardest to tuck her little docked tail between her legs and look all embarrassed when we would dress her up.
    Haven’t seen UP yet. I’ve been watching Disney princess movies with my 3 year old daughter and then having her tell me that that is NOT Cinderella in the movie or the Disney book because Cinderella has yellow hair, not brown. Then she brings me different toys randomly through the day to point out Cinderella’s blonde hair. Thanks Disney, for changing her hair colour on recent toys.

  2. I’ve never seen UP, but I do remember Maxwell Smart’s “Cone of Silence” from the ’60s. Must be an awful feeling to have an itch that you can’t reach. If my mom would have used something like that on me when I had poison ivy, I think I would have ended up in the looney bin.

  3. Poor baby. I recently put my pup in the cone of shame so he’d stop scratching, and took it off after an hour because he would not lie down and go to sleep. I ended up using hydrocortisone cream intead.

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