March 3

Do you see what I see?

No, not doggie piles.

No, not holes that Chloe has decided that she must dig.

Green grass.

Hello Spring, I think I love you.



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9 thoughts on “March 3”

  1. So far the only green I’ve seen is on my snow plow when I accidently get too low. So, I know it’s under there somewhere. If I had a different kind of ‘green’, I’d buy me a better tractor. Climbing on and off an old non-power steering, steel seated Allis Chalmers in the cold wind is getting old! (Speaking of old, I’m older than the tractor.) Yes, I need something with a heated cab, 4 wheel drive, a radio, all hydralic operation, maybe a snow blower attachment and maybe a ride-along massage therapist to keep the kinks out. If I had that, I might not ever get off the tractor.

  2. Yeah for you! It is going to be 57 here this Sunday and I can’t wait. However, my poor parents have 40+ inches at their house. I sure am glad we moved away(from the snow, not the parents).

  3. It’s melting here too. But very much brown underneath. Won’t see green for quite some time here. 😦
    But I can look at your green and dream of spring. 🙂

  4. Yes Hello Spring!! That means that if the grass is growing green then so is my algae in my pool…back to maintaining the pool!! :/ But on the bright side I saw a bunch of birdies playing in the water that had accumulated in the yard from our last shower. Weird that I noticed green grass the same day you noticed…and I’m down here in Texas. Yee haw!! (I’m just sayin that to fullfill the stereo-type, haha)

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