March 2

My mother’s favorite pie is Coconut Cream.

Followed closely by the disgusting Mince Meat Pie, and Raisin.

Growing up, however, I can not remember her ever making herself a Coconut Cream pie.

Why?   Daddy doesn’t like coconut, and Mother being the sweetie that she is, wouldn’t make something that only one person liked.

It is for this reason and this reason alone that I place the blame solely on the Mother for me burning the first batch of coconut.


How was I supposed to know what lightly toasted was supposed to look like if the Mother never taught me, or that coconut can go from gorgeously toasted to awfully burnt in the blink of an eye???

Wasting food really burns me….get it…burns….me???

I’m not as nice as the Mother is.

If I want it, I make it and it doesn’t matter if no one else likes it.

It just means more for me.

Fortunately for me everyone here likes coconut, and today’s TWD pick of Toasted Coconut Custard Tart is absolute perfection.

The tart crust tastes just like a short bread cookie.

I used rum flavoring, as I didn’t want to go purchase a bottle of dark rum,  I used 2% milk instead of whole, and coriander?  in a tart?   nope!

I also purchased spray whipped cream….’cause I tend toward the lazy.

Beryl of Cinnamon Girl had the honor of choosing for us today.   If you want to make this fabulous tart, go grab the recipe off her blog.

Ma, make this for Easter.   I’ll help you eat it, and so will the boy.

PS.  Did anyone elses custard go from liquid to solid instantly?



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  1. MMMmmmm…I love coconut cream pie – sadly noone else in my house does and I never make it. ‘Cause if I did – well, I would eat it ALL!!!!

    Your pie looks absolutely wonderful! You know? You could always drop a peice in the mail to me – just pack it in dry ice and I’m sure it would be fine? LOL

  2. Coconut…yum! Raisin? Double yum. Mincemeat? Not so much. Should we take your suggestion to your mom that you don’t ever want to make this again? That crust does look amazing!

  3. There’s been too many burned nuts and coconuts in my house, I now always set the timer in 3 minute increments and/or put the coconut in while the oven is preheating, it is often perfect by the time the oven is ready and beeps at me.
    If I’m not the only one who’d rather use Cool Whip or the like, I’m more likely to use it now. 😉

  4. Hahaha! I love the blaming your mother!
    I don’t think I have ever made a coconut cream pie. I might have to try this recipe.
    In our family, my husband and most of my children don’t like cheesecake, so that’s why I find it a perfect dessert to make for occasions – because then I have to make two. And what could be better than having 2 desserts?

      1. So, I was at the grocery store today, and they had McCain’s frozen pies on sale. On impulse I brought home a coconut cream pie, but as I ate a piece of it, all I could think of was yours and how much better it would be. So now I guess I’m making this recipe as soon as I get back to the grocery store for coconut and more rum flavouring.

  5. Oh my! That pie looks gorgeous! I am a coconut lover all the way and haven’t made a coconut pie in years. Now is the time! It looks so luscious! Thanks!

  6. yep on the liquid to “hey, WHAT?” instantaneously. Mine also started to look really lumpy at that point so I was petrified that it would end up all gross; but it came out just fine in the end.

  7. Having been burned before, I watched that coconut like a hawk and even then was dangerously close to disaster. Hope you get your wish this Easter. Thanks for baking with me!

  8. Mmmmm… I have suffered the same demise as your mother. I LOVE coconut yet have NEVER made anything coconut since I’m the only one. But I’m putting this tart on my “to do” list.

    I’m having a chocolate crisis and was hoping you could help. I’ve been Googling but not coming up with much useful information. I was going to make chocolate fondue to take to a gathering but am wondering if it will hold on low temp in a crock pot?? You ever fondue????

  9. Thereis only one thing better than coconut cream pie. BANANA coconut cream pie! By the way, that wasn’t burnt, it was “caramelized”. Don’t you watch food channel?

  10. I love coconut cream pie myself, love coconut period, but no one in my house will eat it so I never made it until I learned that my pastor’s favorite pie is coconut cream! I made one for our teens pie auction before Thanksgiving and someone was really sweet and bought it for him!! He sent it home w/the family he and his family would be having Thanksgiving dinner with.

  11. My custard went from liquid to solid sooooo quickly! It was a little disconcerting, actually. Nice call on the rum flavoring — I was wishing I had some of that on hand when I was making this tart. I’m going to get some at the grocery store now, and the same bottle will probably still be on my shelf in 10 years! Your tart looks fantastic. Oh, and I *almost* burned all of my toasted coconut. As it was, I burned about 1/3 of it. The coconut goes from toasty to burned as fast as that custard went from liquid to solid.

  12. Yes ma’am, the custard thickened VERY quickly. I also burned my coconut, though luckily it was just the little bit that went on top. The first batch I did ok LOL Yours looks fabulous!

  13. Darn that cornstarch…..luckily coconut, the oven and I are acquainted. But oh well, don’t worry it was just a small amount of coconut in the big picture. I’m sure your mother was proud. I’m thinking Mother’s Day too, for both of you. Maybe “the boy” will make if for the both of you. he he Put your suggestion in the suggestion box. hehe Nicely done.

  14. Beautiful tart.

    If it makes you feel better, I BURNED my first batch of coconut, too. And I’ve done it before. Ah, well.

    My custard turned very stiff but it worked out fine in the tart.

  15. That coconut really does go from a light brown to a burned mass in a matter of seconds. Your custard and crust look perfect! I never thought of using rum extract, but then again I love the real stuff too much and I’ll jump at any excuse to douse food with it. 😀

  16. OMW this look sinfully great…as in I would sinfully eat way more than my share of your tart. I was surprised at the coriander, but it was good in this…go figure. I must remember to try it in other recipes, it is the surprise of the week for me. Love, love, love your tart, so beautiful.

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