February 28

Happy last day of February.

Maybe March will bring the Spring…but I’m not holding my breath!

Today I am thankful for…

  • A flushing toilet, and the plunger to make it so.
  • Friends who will listen.
  • My mother.   I have been missing her lately.
  • My girl.   She makes me laugh.

It is your turn, Internet.   What are you thankful for?


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7 thoughts on “February 28”

  1. A merciful God who chose to save me!

    A wonderful husband who loves me.

    An great opportunity to serve the Lord in Texas.

    A wonderful family who likes to Blog.

  2. I am thankful for:
    My mother-in-law’s washing machine. Did I say that last week? Hopefully next week I can say I’m thankful for my new washing machine.
    I’m thankful for running water.
    I’m thankful for electricity.
    I’m thankful that I don’t have to wash all this laundry by hand!

  3. A sweet niece named Tanya, who I chatted with on Facebook yesterday.(and enjoyed it very much)BTW,my dear, the chocolate covered cream fill was heavenly.

    The strength to be able to move my bedroom furniture around.

    The shredder to shred all that excess paper you get in the mail that has vital info on it.

    A son who likes to make humongous chocolate chunk cookies !! YUMMY

    And a batch of peanut butter fudge I made yesterday.

  4. I am thanful for my daughters who miss me because I miss them too. Along with them I am thankful for their husbands and children and that our children and their families serve God.

    Our pianist and worship leader. They are in Virginia attending Brittany’s (Wanda’s granddaughter) wedding. Our alternate song leader had to work today so I led singing (brought back memories of Doe Run)So I am especially thankful for them.

    My dear husband whom I am in love with and is a wonderful Pastor. Once again, good sermon this morning hon.

    My sisters and their families. What endearing funnies I get to hear about with their grandchildren.
    I think their mothers good write a book.

    And as always my parents who brought me up in a Christian home and my in-laws who are a wonderful example of God’s love:)

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