February 24

Oh Internet.

I have so much to say, but all I can think is ….

It snowed last night.


Oh the hope I felt on Monday and Tuesday as the sun shined, and the snow melted.

The air was almost balmy as it was 43º.

What joy!

I began to see grass that I haven’t seen in months.


Now it is covered.



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7 thoughts on “February 24”

  1. Snowing (but not sticking) here right now too. After 65 degrees this past weekend!! We just got rid of all the snow and now… Well, Mr. Old Man Winter needs to find another place to be! I’m ready for daffodils and tulips!

  2. Spring is more than a month away for us up here. Some of the trees, the pussy willows, have gotten their calendars mixed up because they are acting like it is April already!!

  3. I was talking to my boss in Cleveland (I work remotely from home here in the opposite corner of the state) and he said it snowed 6 inches last night and they expected 6 more today. So anyway, yea, I hear you.

    I just want some sun.

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