February 23

When I was a little girl, my parents decided that we as a family needed to be more healthy.

What did they choose to do?

Make the sister and I drink wheat germ in our orange juice.


Internet…11 years old + wheat germy orange juice = revolt.

They began to “sneak” it into the pancakes and whatever else they thought they could “sneak” it into.

But let me just say that to this very day, when I even hear the words wheat germ, my gag reflex kicks in.

And that is why I did not make today’s TWD that Michelle of Flourchild picked for today.

Sorry Michelle, but 1 cup of wheat germ inside the cookies and then roll those suckers in wheat germ…it was just to much for this Chocolatechic to handle.

However, if you tend toward the crunchy, then you will love these healthy cookies.

Go check out Michelle’s blog.Β Β  She has the recipe.


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22 thoughts on “February 23”

  1. I don’t remember wheat germ in orange juice, but I do remember putting it in cereal. I actually liked it. I would still eat it were it not for the whole gluten problem I’ve got goin’ on.

  2. Ew, in orange juice it doesn’t sound very good. Honey, maybe, but not the germ!
    Sorry it was ruined for you. I love using it in lots of things.
    My husband has “issues” with ketchup because of childhood dealings. πŸ˜‰

  3. Hee hee! I remember my mother’s health kick – it was carob powder. So carob in the brownies instead of cocoa. They were NOT brownies, they were horrid, and I never want anything to do with carob powder ever again!

  4. “Healthy…” Hah. Like hell. This whole discussion of these cookies being ‘healthy’ reminds me of how the baker I work for and I like to giggle about how we’ll make someone’s birthday cake REALLY HEALTHY…we’ll use…’brown sugar.’ These were loaded buttery white-flour sugar cookies. Calling them healthy is like draping a lettuce leaf over a steak. I think they were supposed to be GOOD, not so much healthy.

  5. I don’t blame you, CC. Wheat germ in the jar is half rancid at best.

    If you like crunch, may I suggest a bit of millet? I love it in muffins….chocolate chip muffins to be precise.

  6. Funny! I wouldn’t drink oj with wheat germ in it either, eeuw!! The big thing with my folks was saving money on milk, so we had to mix our milk with powdered milk 50/50. Yucko, disgusting, blech. It was something people did in the 70’s. Today my kids get milk, just plain milk. I remember Mom adding wheat germ to her homemade bread; it was delicious and she baked it fresh every week. We were so lucky she did that, most kids I knew then were eating pastey Wonder bread. Donna

  7. My mom put Shaklee protein powder in our orange juice. Donna we would use powdered milk to stretch the milk too. Also mom would use a little orange juice concentrate with double the water to stretch it w/ that protein powder. I thought I didn’t like orange juice for the longest time. LOL
    We used wheat germ too in cereal and on yogurt I remember liking it?

  8. Excuse me? I started that when you were six!:) I stopped (eventually) not because I didn’t think it was important for your health, but because of the cost when we were going to college. Why I did give you wheat germ and other things you didn’t know about however was because I loved you and wanted the best for your health. I only put a little bit in your orange juice and didn’t think it was that bad. Sorry for your hate of wheat germ.

    Love you

  9. Oh I remembered your aversion and was curious to see what you would do! Actually, I’ve never tried wheat germ (that I remember…) so I didn’t have any in the cupboard! Next time! πŸ˜‰

  10. In orange juice? Hmmm…that would put me off as well to have a bunch of stuff floating in my oj every day. I hope you are gaining new respect for me making all these chocolate dessert choices all the time…LOL. There are weeks that I think, gag, I just can’t do it…so I don’t.

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