February 18

We all are adjusting nicely to having a dog in the house.

It has been rather fun.

Chloe is sweet, and serious.

Oh…there have been a few ‘accidents’ on the floor, but they have all been cleaned up quickly.

But unfortunately, not all of us are happy Chloe is here.

Particularly Grace.

Chloe just wants to play, but Grace is having none of it.

And Whiskey feels the same way.


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9 thoughts on “February 18”

  1. I think it’s hilarious to watch my cats and dogs out the window. The dog always wants to play but it is always up to the cat as to whether they play or not. If the cat runs, then the game is on, if the cat sits tight the dog is left with nothing to do. Sometimes our cats will just completely ignore the dogs. But if their backs arch up, the dog is ready for the chase.

  2. Poor Chloe!
    She just wants to be friends, she’s doing all she knows to be a good friend but the other girls just are willing to accept her paw of friendship.

    Hopefully Chloe’s humans are being more loving and willing to play.

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