February 17

There are two foods that I have never seen my father turn down.

The first is a piece of my mother’s cherry pie.

And the second is a home made chocolate chip cookie.

Now I have made over 42 million CCC’s in my lifetime…or at least it feels like it…and I have to say that my favorite is the old standby, the beloved Toll House cookie.

This recipe of My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies that Kait of Kait’s Plate picked for today’s TWD WWD is very similar to the Toll House recipe.

I The boy at my insistence did a wee bit’o tweaking.

I The boy used butter flavored Crisco for half the amount of butter.   I did this so that they wouldn’t spread as much.

This, as you can see, didn’t work at all.

Also instead of the 1 cup of nuts, I the boy put in a bag of toffee bits.

They were fabulous, but I still like my Toll House better.

And daddy….I froze some dough, so the next time I come up, you’ll have some fresh cookies to munch on.

If you’d like to try this recipe, go check out Kait’s blog.  The recipe is there.   I promise.


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23 thoughts on “February 17”

  1. Thank you…I appriciate that….I’ll leave the snow shovel by the road so that you can shovel your way in…or send “the boy” over…he can run the snow blower for me…

  2. Oh, toffee bits sound wonderful, too. Love that mixer decor, it caught my eye right away and I figured you are just that creative around there! Now I’m thinking, yes, I am…. Your cookies look wonderful, they were a big hit here with the guys as they love crunchy!

  3. I like the Toll House cookie too. And one thing that I learned from watching a cookie show is to use one less egg and add a little cornstarch for a cookie that is crisp on the edge and chewy in the centre. My biggest problem is that I tend to slightly overbake them. And then they are too crisp and not chewy.

  4. Actually they look pretty good. For the past four years, I have made flat chocolate chip cookies. No matter what I do or use, they come out flat. I can’t figure it out. The kids don’t mind.

  5. Wow, 42 million cookies…that’s a lot! 🙂 My fav is still the Toll House cookie too. Dorie’s, while tasty, were just too flat for our house. Yours (or should I say The Boy’s) look great.

  6. The big hit at my house is a combo of your sister’s recipe and an oatmeal cookie recipe. It is called
    Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Chip Walnut Oatmeal Cookie
    They are out of this world wonderful.

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