February 15

It is official…I have a dumb dog!

Yesterday Chloe decided to bark and growl at my mother.

It seems that mom is some sort of threat.

Dear Chloe,

You are only supposed to bark and growl at bad men who break and enter my house, not my harmless mother.


rethinking the whole dog thing

PS.   I want a taco


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8 thoughts on “February 15”

  1. We had a bassett hound that was incredibly dumb. He barked at everything, even a bug crawling along the ground. The one time we needed him to be a watch dog, he failed miserably. Someone tried to get into a side door of our house. He thought we weren’t home, but we were. When Hubby went out to investigate, Dumb Dog was asleep in the doghouse. Hubby had to kick the doghouse to wake him up! Oh well, he was a SWEET dog.

  2. I don’t know, though. Maybe the dog’s not so stupid. Isn’t this the same mom that tricked your dad into walking outside so you and Andrea could pummel him with snow balls?
    Good dog!!

  3. My dog growls when at me when we I come home in sunglasses, but he also has issues with mylar balloons, paper plates, and the swiffer.

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