25 thoughts on “February 11”

  1. Actually all of them at different times. Stay out for a while go inside and warm up and back out for another round. Did you ever play fox and geese? Making paths in the snow and have to follow them to get to a safe area with the fox on your tail. You had to stay on the paths. It was fun!

  2. Snow Angels…I grew up in Iowa, and have lived in Texas for years. Today is one of the rare days we have enough soft snow to make one. If I wasn’t 46 years old with a broken ankle and at work I would definately make one today. (I still may once I get home! I can’t stand it!)

  3. All of them.

    Remember when you and Annie would go outside and build up a pile of snowballs and then I would send daddy out so you could bombard Him:) Then when you came in I would have hot chocolate ready for all of you:)

    Brings back lots of memories for me too:)

  4. Since everybody is adding their own game to the mix, I’ll add one. It’s called “Find the Pothole”. Shouldn’t take long.

  5. As a child – all of the above, repeatedly.

    Now – standing inside watching my children do all of the above.

    I like being growed up.

  6. Snow angel. Or what appears to be, once I managed to get up after falling down. This weather wasn’t meant for old ladies like me.

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