February 9

I’m sharing something that not many people know about me.

Not even Superman knows this.

I keep at least one box of brownie mix, stashed way back in the back of my pantry.

It is there for one reason, and one reason alone.

So I can mix it up and eat it……raw.

I put it in the fridge and it turns to this semi-solid fudgy goo that is just perfect for when a chocolate craving hits and there just. is. no. more. chocolate. in. the. house.

Which is rare, but it has been known to happen, hence the stashed .99 brownie mix.

It is also the reason that I picked today’s TWD, Rick Katz’s Browies for Julia.

Julia Child that is.

You see this bakes up chewy on the outside.

And just a wee bit gooey on the inside.

Once it cools completely it isn’t runny anymore, but I am not know for my patience, so I cut a piece 20 minutes out of the oven, and Internet…it was perfection.

The recipe was very easy, and I only used 2 bowls.

No mixer was involved, but that is only because my strapping son offered to whip the eggs till they were doubled in volume.

Want the recipe?

Here it is.

Rick Katz’s Brownies For Julia

Dorie writes “In 1995, when I was working with Julia Child filming the PBS series Baking with Julia and writing the companion book, Boston-based pastry chef Rick Katz was running the prep kitchen in Julia’s basement.   Working between the washing machine and the dryer, Rick was in charge of getting the recipes of each of the twenty-six visiting chefs ready for their close-ups.  An ordinary human would have had his hands full, but superman Rick always found time to make us extra little goodies, among them these very dark, very fudgy brownies.   The way he prepares the batter is different from any other brownie recipe I know.  Half of the eggs and sugar are mixed in with the chocolate, while the other half are beaten until they double in volume and are as light as a sponge.   Whipping the eggs creates the surprisingly creamy, soft and definitely fudgy texture.

  • 1 c. all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 sticks unsalted butter, cut into 16 pieces
  • 4 oz. unsweetened chocolate, coarsely chopped
  • 2 oz. bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped ~~I used semi-sweet
  • 2 c. sugar
  • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 4 large eggs

Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 350º F.  Put a 9 inch square baking pan (I like to use Pyrex for this) on a baking sheet.   Whisk flour and salt together.

Set a heat proof bowl over a saucepan of gently simmering water, put the butter and chocolate in.  Stir frequently until the ingredients are just melted-you don’t want them to get so hot that the butter separates.   I melted these in the microwave in my usual fashion. Add 1 c. sugar and whisk gently just to incorporate it, then remove the bowl from the pan of water.   Stir in the vanilla and transfer to a large bowl.

Put the remaining cup of sugar into the bowl of a stand mixer or a medium bowl and whisking a whisk, stir in the eggs.  Switch to a rubber spatula and little by little add half of the sugar-egg mixture to the warm chocolate, stirring very gently without stopping-you don’t want the heat of the chocolate to cook the eggs.

With the whisk attachment or with a hand mixer, or have your chef son beat the reaming sugar and eggs on medium-high for about 3 minutes, or until they double in volume.   Using a spatula and a light touch, fold the whipped eggs into the chocolate, stopping just short of blending them in completely.

Sprinkle the dry ingredients over the batter and delicately fold them in, working only until they disappear.   Scrape the batter into the pan and smooth the top with the spatula.

Bake for 25-28 minutes, or until the top looks dry.   Poke a thin knife intot he center and take a peek:  The brownies should be only just set and still pretty gooey.

Transfer the pan to a rack and cool to room temperature.

The brownies are fragile and best cut in the pan.   Cut eighteen 1½ x 3 inch bars.

I sure hope that y’all enjoyed these as much as I did, and thanks for baking along with me today.


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  1. OMW, it was supposed to look like chocolate soup?? I failed. I kept baking it until it would at least hold together. No matter, guys loved, loved, loved them and I have made them three times that way so far. I have no idea what that crusty top is all about on mine, but they loved that part the best. Hence the request for me to keep making them. Thanks for the pick. Cute doggie, btw. Raw chocolate brownies is your weakness? I am in awe that this would be something you would crave. LOL…what I learn over here!

    1. Kayte, I have tried and tried to comment on your blog, but it just won’t let me. I don’t think you failed at all. Your brownies are lovely and if your guys are eating them as fast as you say, then you are doing it all right.

      1. Your comment came through, TWICE! With my blog, you just comment and hit submit and it goes through, waits for my approval (I have children who read so I don’t want them to accidentally stumble upon some spam comment, etc.), and then when I approve, it posts. I took off all the scrambled word business, etc. as it seemed like such a hassle for comments. Yours come through each week just fine. Thanks!

  2. I would join the BBA as well if I weren’t allergic to chocolate now.
    One of the best memories I have of us spending time together is making a batch of brownies at your house and eating them while they were still fabulously gooey.

  3. Dirty little secrets? No, like I said, you’re just honest with an honest to goodness delicious blog. Love your brownies! Love to eat brownie batter and I found the batter for these fabulous, it sat thickening up like fudge before I washed the bowl, so of course, I scraped it and ate it!
    That last photo, I’m totally sure, is straight from heaven!

  4. Your secret is safe with us! This was a wonderful recipe choice and we really enjoyed these brownies. I had to bake them a second time because mine were just too gooey, but I really loved the results. So darned tasty!

  5. Great pick this week, Tanya! I even found a way to involve more chocolate–I made milk chocolate ice cream and put some of the brownies in it. Mmm. =)

  6. I’ve been guilty of the same kind of thing. And I have my chocolate stashes that nobody else knows about.
    I will have to try these brownies. They sound deliciously perfect. I have my favourite brownie recipe and I always slightly underbake them so they are still just a little gooey in the middle. And I always use rum flavouring instead of vanilla – it really brings out the chocolate.

  7. What yumminess! I baked a “best ever brownie” last night. It is the best ever that I’ve baked yet, but this one looks amazing. It’s all your wonderful photographs!

  8. Thanks so much for your pick this week Tanya! I’ve never enjoyed fudgy brownies but this recipe made me a convert. These are my new favorite brownies 🙂 Yours look awesome!!

  9. As far as the brownie batter eating goes – I am so there with you. Love it! Your brownies look so molten and lovely! I think I would like them this way better than when they firm up – definitely worth another try that way.

  10. These look fantastic–gooey, just the way I like my brownies. If I bother to bake them at all! Can I join your brownie batter-eating club? Sorry I couldn’t bake along this week, but I am out of town and only managed to make 2 of this month’s recipes. The technique sounds interesting, though, and these will be the next brownies I make!

  11. I am a batter fiend as well! And this batter was OH so good. Then again, the brownies had the consistency of batter, too, so it was a win, win for me! Loved this pick! Thanks so much!

  12. What a bombshell!! Raw brownie dough? I mean I lick it off my fingers when I make it but it never occurred to me to make a brownie FUDGE! You may have unknowingly changed the way people view fudge!!

    They look oh-so-gooey… which I’m sure you loved!!

  13. THANK YOU for a great choice!! It was a great recipe to recharge my TWD blog which had gone quiet for much too long!!

    (FYI, similar to your brownie stash, I keep oreos hidden for a similar reason….)

  14. Fantastic choice. Fantastic pictures! Loved, loved, loved these. I could have easily eaten the bowl of batter before it ever went in the oven, it was that good! 🙂

  15. Tanya,
    As far as I am concerned these brownies are a total Homerun!!! I love the Gooo! Its the best. Thanks so much for choosing such a fun recipe and so delicious. I think I may make them again. Love your photos. Yes, when my 22 year old was in grade school and played little league and all star baseball, Martha White brownies were my absolute fav! I added chocolate chips for even more goo and a little vanilla. Those mixes saved me time and again for nightly baseball summer nights. Night after night! So your secret…… well, its a good one.

  16. I don’t have a chef son (or daughter or any nearby chef relative, for that matter). You’re so lucky!

    I didn’t know that it was your turn this time around until I saw someone else’s TWD pick. When I first saw the brownies, I thought, “Oooo, Chocolatechic is going to love this week’s pick!!” LOL!! Little did I know that you were the one who picked it. Hilarious! I guess I was right, though. Great pick. I’m bookmarking this recipe for later use.

  17. Outstanding pick this week Tanya! I haven’t been able to taste these brownies yet, but I have a couple of them tucked away in the freezer for those midnite cravings.

    Gotta love the confessions of a choco-holic…i’m there with ya!

  18. Even though I don’t seem to be able to read the recipe correctly and my brownies turned out less than stellar I guess I should chalk it up to baker error vs recipe error. But I’ve read so many great reviews from all the other TWD bakers that I might need to attempt this one again. Thanks for the great pick this week!

  19. Next time I make brownies I may have to attempt it along with my usual recipe so that I can compare them.

    I’ve never run out of chocolate at my house….that is an inpardinable sin around here and I would think at your house as well! I am shocked beyond believe that you would run out. Don’t you keep a supply of chocolate chips around for just in case??

  20. As others said, thanks for a great pick this week! I usually like cakey brownies, but if I feel like making fudgy ones, I will use this recipe for sure. YUM. My little chefs (2 y.o. boy and 10 mo. girl) helped me out by taking their naps while I baked away!

  21. I didn’t get a chance to make these yet (big snowfall and issues getting proper ingredients) but I can’t wait to try them out. My best friend and I used to make brownies from a box, cook for about 15 minutes, and then devour the whole pan with a couple of spoons. I love your box of brownies story.

  22. A GREAT brownie recipe! Thanks for choosing it – just perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up (how’d you manage THAT luck)! Looks wonderful – and love your photos!

  23. Excellent choice, these are my favorite Dorie brownies! Yours look fabulously gooey, yum. I admit I always have a box of brownie mix in my cupboard, I think they’re a great comfort food.

  24. LOL – raw brownie mix sounds good to me! Thanks for choosing these, they certainly were a hit! I made one in a ramekin and topped it with ice cream and chocolate sauce…. MMMMMMM!

  25. My mom is still talking about these. I have no doubt I will be conned into making them again for her. I had to pawn off the rest of my pan before I ate it all myself. Great pick.

  26. I love raw cookie dough. Not so sure about the brownie mix though. When I was a little girl my mom let me make a batch of refrigerator cookies just to eat the dough. Even though I got really sick of it I still like to eat that stuff.

  27. Thanks for hosting this week. I positively loved this recipe. I (briefly) thought about bringing them in to share at work, but I couldn’t bring myself to share with anyone other than my husband 🙂

  28. I did bake with you this week! I just have been swamped and haven’t had a chance to post. Perfection! We loved these! Thanks for the super chocolaty pick!

  29. Thank you for the great pick this week! These were so, so chocolatey and I’ve found myself thinking about them many times and wishing there were more! These would be perfect for a major chocolate craving, although I really like your boxed brownie batter idea. Perfect for emergencies!

  30. You hit it out of the park with this pick! Especially for those of us who (secretly or not-so-secretly) like our brownies on the gooey side. I loooooove brownie batter. And chocolate chip cookie dough, too – without the chips. How weird is that?

  31. I love this recipe, I am using it as the base for a bunch of different brownies I am making this month. I love that they are rich and fudgey but maintain a bit of cakiness.

  32. Hello, I just came across your blog and thank you for this recipe!

    I just tried it, however, I cut down the amount of sugar in the recipe for whipping eggs to 3/4 cup. Could it have a significant effect on the egg whipping? I used an electric beater and then later by hand but I couldn’t manage to get it as thick as yours in the photo – or maybe both the mixer and I aren’t as strong as your son!

  33. Hey,

    I come from Australia so I don’t know what “one stick of butter” is equal to. Could you please tell me what it is in grams or ounces?


  34. I’m just about to attempt baking these brownies, the last ones I made turned out too cakey – there were only 2 eggs in that recipe so I think that 4 eggs will make a big difference this time. I’ll comment on how they turn out when Im done putting on 15pounds eating them! Wish me luck!

  35. OK wow. They are AMAZING- perfectly Gooey! The only thing I changed in the recipe was that I added a level tsp of baking powder and I cooked them in 9×9″ pan in parchment for 40 mins. Absolutely devilish, thank you so much for this recipe!

  36. These are the best brownies I have ever made. I mix them like regular brownies and add 1/4 cup of cocoa. Bake them in a 9 x 13 pan and pour a fudge frosting over top once they come out of the oven. The only brownie recipe I use. Thanks!

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