February 6

I have been thinking about getting a dog for several months now.

I finally told my family what I was thinking.

Not a smart idea, because Internet, they wore. me. down.

Meet Cloe.

We are fostering her.

Fos. ter. ing.

That is what I keep telling everyone.

But somehow this hopped into my cart.

Perfect food dish for a Chocolatechic’s dog.

Don’tcha’ think?


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27 thoughts on “February 6”

  1. Beautiful chocolate brown eyes….
    Are you fostering for a certain organization? Just curious we already have 3 furbabies but I decided my next dog was going to be a “rescue” shihtzu.

  2. She is cute and I noticed the pink collar right away. When I saw the bowl I knew this wasn’t just a foster dog but a dog for life. I hope you all enjoy her.

  3. What a cute dog. Fostering dogs is a wonderful service and will help them to be adoptable. My sister and her husband fostered quite a few dogs before their children were born. One of those dogs went to live with her husband’s mom!

  4. What a beautiful dog. We got our last two dogs from the SPCA. Great big, outside, farm dogs. They have been wonderful dogs to have around the yard and very good with the kids. This last one is a white shepherd cross and not quite a year old yet, so he’s still young enough to drive me crazy with puppy behavior, but he will be a very good dog. I’ve never been a big dog person, but with little kids out in the country, I think dogs around the yard are essential. And we’ve had such good dogs that I’ve found myself getting more attached to each one.

  5. Congrats on your new addition! My aunt fosters dogs and has had 3 now. She actually has given them up to permanent homes. I have a feeling Chloe is already in her forever home.

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