February 3

Dear writers of LOST,

I am LOST, so maybe you could answer just a few questions for me.

Why are there 3 John Locks? and which one is the real one?

Was Jacob the smoke monster and needed John to take over?

Why did you show the island at the bottom of the ocean?

Are you doing a flash forward?  flash backward?  split universe?  parallel universe? this is what happens when you mess with time universe?

What was the important thing that Juliette was going to tell Sawyer with her dying breath?

And last but absolutely not least, where is Claire??????


even more LOST than ever

PS.   Sawyer is fierce, and it is just a bit scary!

Best line of the night….”I’ve got a gun (fumble, fumble) and I know how to use it.”~~Hurley

Most telling line came from Charlie….”I’m supposed to be dead.”

What do y’all think?


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24 thoughts on “February 3”

  1. I’m just as LOST as you are. Although didn’t Miles tell us that Juliette’s dying words were “I fixed it.” Or do you think he was lying? And I don’t think Jacob was the smoke monster…wasn’t it Jacob’s nemesis?

  2. It’s impossible to explain LOST. I’m a cult follower and can’t really explain it to anyone else! I’m watching Season 1 and plan to go through all the seasons to help comprehend this “big picture” year. One this is for sure; we never want for a new twist or turn in the plot! I bet you tune in next week.

  3. Three Lockes? I missed one, which is no shock. Juliette wanted to say that “it worked.” I took that to mean that she was successful in detonating that bomb. Yes, for answering all our questions, I still have quite a few. What’s up with Christian? Why was Desmond on that plane? Wasn’t he back at the Swan station trying to keep things from going kaflooey? Why didn’t they think to take Juliette to the temple? (I’d be hauling everyone over there.) And on and on… This should be great! Did you watch Nightline last night? Did it answer any questions?

  4. Ha ha, I am LOST too. But it wouldn’t be LOST if they started answering questions, now would it?
    I think for every one thing I think I’ve got figured out there are 5 more that I’m confused on.
    It’s my very favourite show ever.

  5. Once again, I must not live in the same universe as the rest of you. You’ve LOST me! I live in the universe of CSPAN(I also like to watch paint dry!)

  6. I’m with you – lost.

    I’ve heard that Jacob is going to take over Christian (Jack’s dad). The man in black was the smoke monster who is now fake Locke. I also heard that there is some time loop that needs to have all of them together whether forward, backwards or right now. All I know is it better make sense real quick!!!

  7. I gave up on Lost when they started rerunning it all the time. It was confusing enough as it was then they did that. So as far as Im concerned…Lost……..and stay lost. Ill never watch it again.

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