February 2

Chocolate chip cookies….absolutely!

Brownies…you betcha!

Hot fudge…Oh yeah!

Chocolate ice cream…fabulous!  Especially when topped with hot fudge.

Dove Dark…I’m in love!

But chocolate cake…not so much, oh I’ll eat it if there isn’t anything else, because I’m not one to pass up chocolate.

Today’s TWD that Kristin of I’m Right About Everything picked, is Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes.

And I didn’t make it like the recipe suggested.

I just couldn’t bring myself to add chocolate to the batter.

So I didn’t.

Everything else was the same.

Except I tweeked the filling just a smackeral.

I added cinnamon to it.

Heavenly addition.

This little cake is heavy but moist, and best right out of the oven.

Go check out Kristin’s blog.   She’ll have the recipe.

I also suggest that you do not half the recipe like I did.   The three whole muffins were gone in about 2 hours.


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45 thoughts on “February 2”

  1. I’m totally with you…I love all things chocolate except chocolate cake. People don’t understand it. But chocolate cake has a different taste than regular chocolate. Now chocolate frosting on a white cake…that is delicious!

  2. Huh? did I read right? Chocolate cake – not so much? Is it the too cold winter, a fever or perhaps the cooties? LOL LOL

    Wow! Never in a million years would I have expected that one! But either way… you minis are amazing, your pictures so clear and the swirl’s definition perfect! WOW!

  3. You didn’t add chocolate??? You don’t care for chocolate cake??? Well, as I live and breathe, I learn something new every single day. Your little cakes look very cute.

  4. Ooh, looks de-lish. My favorite cake, a banana coffee cake has a ribbon/swirl of cinnamon, mini chocolate chips and brown sugar that is FABULOUS! Yours reminded me of that.
    I have recently decided that as much as I LOVE chocolate, cake isn’t my favorite thing either. Give me a cookie, a brownie, a good piece of chocolate and I’m IN, but cake, meh.
    That said, I really think your adaptation looks GREAT!

  5. Wow, never thought to leave the chocolate out of these. Yours are so pretty! Mine were a bit dry, but still good. I think I may have overcooked them a tad. Yours look very moist. Great job as always! And you really did tweak these up!

  6. Well, Hello, Chocolatechic! I was just planning to come by for a visit as I saw your comment on another blog.

    You were brilliant with your recipe tweaks and your little cakes do look heavenly! I am feeling a tad tired of all the chocolate and plan on passing next week. I have the ingredients out right now to make the upcoming cookies. I already have a favorite chocolate-chip recipe so I am adding the peanut butter and coffee to see what happens.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment!
    Kindly, ldh

  7. Three muffins? Did you have to share them? I would have hidden them – no, I’d have eaten them standing in the kitchen. I wish I’d added cinnamon. Beautifully done!

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