February 1

I got nothin’ today.

All this weekend the girl and I have been watching a What Not To Wear marathon.

I have come to the conclusion that I’m not wearing the proper clothing for my body type, and I don’t think that Stacy or Clinton would be happy with my wardrobe choices.

My jeans do not fall straight down from my hip.

My tees are shapeless, and my color pallet is rather single minded.

I don’t wear pointy toed heels.

I don’t wear sassy bracelets.

I don’t layer, unless you count me wearing a pink sweater over everything in the winter.

I don’t mix prints, or wear make-up.

No, Stacy and Clinton would be very displeased.

But, I don’t care.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, so it just doesn’t matter.



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  1. Hey lady! It does matter, YOU matter! You have the most important job in the whole world, and I would switch places with you any day of the week (except for the day the car got crashed up). YOUR uniform is exactly right for your job, Stacy and Clinton be damned! And for the record, Stacy would never be able to keep up with the TWD baking!

  2. They probably wouldn’t like my wardrobe either, but sometimes I do try to keep their commments in mind if I buy something new. I try to buy things I think look nice on me.

    My comfort is my jammies so when I get home from work, ususally after supper I go for “comfort”.

    When I was a stay at home mom I would always make sure I looked nice when my husband came home from work. Now he see’s me at my best when I am leaving for work and comfy after I get home.

    I find it’s harder for me since I’ve put this weight on since it’s hard for me to feel good about my self the size I am.

    By the way Chic, you always look nice when I see you.


  3. I don’t care if I never leave my house….I never, ever go a day without makeup. I just don’t feel right without it. And besides, I wouldn’t want to scare the mailman or the neighbor children if they came to the door.

  4. What I would like to see is Stacy and Clinton preparing supper in my galley kitchen, with my dear (wheelchair bound) Mother-in-law s-l-o-w-l-y rolling through, with Bailey (80 lb Irish Setter) begging, and one or more of the kids emptying diswasher(directly across from oven) and hubby sneaking a snack in their designer clothes and heels! LOL

    I know as a Mom that my kids don’t care what I wear as long as I am there for them. Designer clothes and pointy shoes do not get dinner on the table or kids nursed back to health after the flu!

    Stacy and Clinton live in a different world from us. Learn what is reasonable to apply in your world and carry on.

    Stay at home Moms rock!
    Rock on sister,

  5. Stacy & Clinton would roll their eyes & say “Yes It Does Matter” then they’d whisk you off to NY lock you in the 360* mirror until you gave in , take away everything pink, give you $5ooo & get you a new wardrobe & send you home to all your adoring friends & family

  6. I think I watched the marathon as well.
    I like to be comfortable, and there are days when wearing “real” clothes hurts, but I do know that when I try my best to look good – even if it’s just in jeans, my husband makes comments on how good I look. I think our husbands care how we look, and I think we owe it to them and to our marriages (seriously folks, they are out in the work world with beautiful, fashionable women – I want to give my husband something to look forward to when he comes home and not have him wishing he were still looking at his co-workers)to keep ourselves looking nice – no matter what size we are.
    Do I have to have the latest fashions? No. (although the boots I want from Macy’s are itching to come to my house 🙂 ) But I do think that what we put on ourselves matters and says something about how we feel about ourself.
    Okay, sermon over. 😀

  7. I’m sadly not a SAHM anymore (only at heart)I bought a handful of basics that are inexpensive to replace, I’m not a jewelry person but don’t leave home without makeup and hair done.
    CC you always look nice in your pics 🙂
    Unless Stacy and Clinton want to buy me a new wardrobe my basics are going to be as good as it gets.

  8. I don’t know who Stacy and Clinton are or what show you are talking about. I try to look as good as I can when I go somewhere. (especially since I am out in the “world” everyday.) You always look beautiful to me. As for my clothes, whatever is on sale at Goodwill !!!

  9. I have a slight fear that I would get turned in for that show. First thing I do when I get home is change into a pair of pajama pants and a baggy tshirt. I suspect my wardrobe would be considered pretty boring (jeans and a blue or black polo shirt) Oh well.

  10. Funny you would mention Stacy and Clinton today. I was attending a Hair Show in Los Angeles today.(I am a hairdresser). Anyway, there were thousands of us at the convention center and who do I bump into while walking through all the booths? Nick Arrojo! The guy that does all the haircuts on What Not to Wear! We bumped, I said “Excuse me”, then I did a double take and said “Hey, You’re Nick Arrojo”! He was exactly like he is on TV…very nice. Funny you would write about that show today!

  11. What cracks me up is when they do a makeover, on a TV show like Oprah, and the woman being made over tells them what her life is like (maybe a stay at home mom with three kids under 10 years old) and they make the poor thing over so she’s in a short silky dress, with high heels, high-maintenance hair, and too much makeup. It’s ridiculous. I want to scream, “Why don’t you take into account the REAL circumstances of this woman’s life, for heaven’s sake!” I can just imagine how the woman goes back to her hotel after the show, wipes off most of the makeup, changes into her own more comfortable clothes, and stares in the mirror as if to say to herself, “Okay, that didn’t really help me. But at least it was a free trip to Chicago.”

    They have no idea how most moms really live!

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