February 28

Happy last day of February.

Maybe March will bring the Spring…but I’m not holding my breath!

Today I am thankful for…

  • A flushing toilet, and the plunger to make it so.
  • Friends who will listen.
  • My mother.   I have been missing her lately.
  • My girl.   She makes me laugh.

It is your turn, Internet.   What are you thankful for?


February 26

It is Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

I have always been nosy…from the day that I was born.


  1. What’s something you do more quickly than most people?
  2. What’s something you do more carelessly than most people?
  3. What’s something you do more slowly than most people?
  4. What’s something you do more carefully than most people?
  5. In what contexts are you more patient than most people?

Bonus question…

What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?


1.  My taxes

2.  I am not a careless person, so…….I have no idea.

3.  Walk

4.  Hmmm….I have no clue.

5.  I have never been a patient person.   I think it goes along with the nosy.

Bonus…my favorite is a bite of the peanut butter and a bite of the Thin Mints mixed.


February 24

Oh Internet.

I have so much to say, but all I can think is ….

It snowed last night.


Oh the hope I felt on Monday and Tuesday as the sun shined, and the snow melted.

The air was almost balmy as it was 43º.

What joy!

I began to see grass that I haven’t seen in months.


Now it is covered.



February 23

When I was a little girl, my parents decided that we as a family needed to be more healthy.

What did they choose to do?

Make the sister and I drink wheat germ in our orange juice.


Internet…11 years old + wheat germy orange juice = revolt.

They began to “sneak” it into the pancakes and whatever else they thought they could “sneak” it into.

But let me just say that to this very day, when I even hear the words wheat germ, my gag reflex kicks in.

And that is why I did not make today’s TWD that Michelle of Flourchild picked for today.

Sorry Michelle, but 1 cup of wheat germ inside the cookies and then roll those suckers in wheat germ…it was just to much for this Chocolatechic to handle.

However, if you tend toward the crunchy, then you will love these healthy cookies.

Go check out Michelle’s blog.   She has the recipe.


February 22

Saturday I took the girl out on a date.

I took her to give blood, because I’m a great date.

Then I took her out to the English Ivy for tea.

Both the girl and I want to own this house.

We both are enamored with Georgian/Victorian architecture.

This is the ceiling in the dining room…isn’t it fabulous?  and the bay window with window seat…I have always dreamed of having a window seat.

We especially like the build in china cupboard.

See the beading …I need this house.

The parlor.

I want a parlor.

With a working fire place.

And light streaming in.

Until it comes up for sale, the girl and I will just have to go visit  our house on a regular basis.


February 21

Today I am thankful for…

  • Parents who will go out of their way to do a favor for me.
  • Sunshine that is melting the snow
  • Health Insurance
  • Friends for my girl….I haven’t seen her laugh so much in my life.
  • Kitty litter

Your turn!