12 thoughts on “January 28”

  1. I know it’s not funny, but my first reaction was to laugh out loud!!

    I agree – bolt that baby to the floor??? If that is possible? Or better yet, just ask your Dad what to do and make him a cake or a pie after he fixes it for you!

  2. I was reading the comments from yesterday and ended up with tears in my eyes after reading them. I am so thankful for all the comments on how God was watching over Dean. When you think about what could have happened and realize God was truly protecing him how thankful and blessed we are. He is my pride and joy and I too am so very thankful.

    Truly you have been blessed with so many bloggers who trust in God and give Him the praise.

    On today’s…well I too laughed at the picture that came to mind. I have to agree with Gramps. Nail that baby down:)


  3. I thought those front load machines weren’t supposed to get off balance like that.
    I agree with Amy – that’s what I would do if my daddy lived close enough! 🙂

  4. It’s a highly trained machine by the looks of it. It is probably going to gather all the dirty laundry for you, wash them, and hang them outside. Oh Woe, if only it had real legs!!

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