January 27

Do you remember around the middle of last October when I showed you this.

Then the next day we purchased this, because Superman had to have a way to work, but it spent the next 3½ weeks in the shop.

Around the end of December we purchased this, because the boy’s car decided it just couldn’t take living any more, so he was using the green car, Superman was driving this, and all was right with the world.

Last night I got a phone call from the boy…

and oh!   you know where this is heading.

He hit a deer.

A big deer.

I told him his next vehicle had better be an M-1 Abrams.

PS.   He is just fine.


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24 thoughts on “January 27”

  1. I would say it was totaled. Dad’s wasn’t that bad but he had a heavier vehicle. I take it our grandson is okay physically.

    Please give him our love.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. I am so thankful that your son is safe. The outcome is not always so. Thank God.

    There are many, many deer accidents around here that do not have a good outcome, mostly when the deer slides up the hood ….. well, you know where that’s going. God was watching over your son. A car can be replaced.


  3. WOW! That must have been one heck of a deer. So glad your son is okay. And I don’t even see airbags in that car. Thank you God for your hand of protection over that young man.

  4. so glad ‘the boy’ is ok! we almost ran into a herd of rams, elk, and then deer
    coming home from the mountains. pretty frightening!

    having raised five teenagers, i highly recommend the “abrams”!

  5. Ooohh, that’s a bad one – glad he’s okay.
    My husband hit another deer last week. He’s hit a few animals over the years and thankfully, they’ve mostly just left some good dents on our little car. The moose last year took out the windshield, but the frame was not even bent. I’m very thankful to God for his protection, too.

  6. Oh, from what you said last night I thought it was your vehicle that had been totaled!! I am so sorry that this happened. Rejoicing with you that the boy was unharmed.

    I have been very blessed to not hit any moose in my lifetime here in AK as they are worse than the deer due to their sheer size.

    Hug that boy and rest in the assurance that God is watching over him – evidence is in the lack of airbags and injuries on the boy.

  7. Wow is all I can say! Was it a doe or buck? It’s amazing how God intervenes when things like this happen and we think there is no way possible, BUT GOD was there the whole time! Glad he is ok, maybe stiff and sore but ok.

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