January 24

A friend of mine posted a “I’m thankful for ” ….on her blog, and I thought I’d do the same.

Today I’m thankful for

  • hot water
  • the fact that it is raining and not snowing
  • Reeses peanut butter cups
  • clean laundry
  • and last but not least, you Internet.

What are you thankful for today?


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13 thoughts on “January 24”

  1. a working toilet

    friends far and near-some I’ve met face to face, some I have not.

    Esther Price candy in my pantry

    good lotion-dry skin can really be a pain if you don’t have it.


  2. I am thankful for—

    1. Children of all ages. They make anyones day brighter.

    2. Not knowing when I will take my last breath.

    3. My Ladies Sunday School class. We are an interesting bunch!

    4. Knowing when I make a mistake, my family and friends don’t walk away.

    5. Every ache and pain I have.

  3. This morning I am thankful for:
    a warm house
    Cream of Wheat with maple syrup and raisins
    my church family
    and the win that the Minnesota Vikings are going to give me today!

  4. 1 – I still have electricity – the lights have been blinking on and off all morning………..

    2 – A gas stove – in case the above mentioned electricity goes off!

    3 – My curling iron

    4 – Books – lots and lots of books

    5 – I have all my own teeth – LOL

  5. i am thankful the Lord answers us from His holy heaven
    with the saving power of His right hand.

    i am thankful for a loving husband and five healthy children and a fabulous
    son in law.

    i am thankful for your blog which frequently makes me laugh out loud!

  6. Im thankful that everything about my move went well. I sold the house quick and found another quick. Im thankful that I found such a beautiful place that has just about all I asked for.

  7. I am thankful, each and every day, for hubby having a job, still in this economy.
    I am thankful for the fridge & oven in our new home works, and works perfect. (we’ve had 3 rentals where they never ever work and we have to buy new ones).
    I am thankful for hubbys’ family who took me in as their own.
    I am thankful for my blog as it has opened so many doors for my next career.
    I am so very thankful for my hubby.

  8. I am thankful for:
    my woodstove
    family who live close by and don’t let me be a hermit all the time
    that I live in a climate that doesn’t have lots of big, icky bugs
    that this winter has been actually fairly mild, compared to other winters

  9. I’m thankful for:
    -my parents
    -the rest of my family
    -a home and all the other necessities
    -an education
    -my ability to speak more than one language
    -my job.

    Thank you, Lord.

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