January 18

Hi there, Internet.

I missed you over the weekend, but I was busy.

You see I have been making the boy a sweater….for Christmas.

Yes, Christmas.

Yes, I gave it to him unfinished.

Yes, I’m a bad mother.

So I get to almost finished with it, only to realize that I messed it up.

So now I get to FROG it down to the arm pits…

He might get it before next winter.


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16 thoughts on “January 18”

  1. Hey you should rip the whole thing out and start all over again. Why you ask? It should be scarlet and gray not blue and that other color. We are Buckeyes here!

  2. Beautiful sweater, sorry that you are going to have to frog it, I really hat that. I am impressed though as I would not attempt a sweat in crochet let alone knit.

  3. I spent my weekend working on a sweater that I am knitting for the third time. The first time I knitted it in size 2x and I only wear a 10/12. Knitting is SO relaxing isn’t it?

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