January 12

It is Tuesday again, Internet, and time for another episode of TWD.

Only TWD has been preempted.

How in the world could I let preemption happen?

Uh….because I didn’t make today’s selection of Mrs. Vogel’s Scherben picked by Teanna of Spork or Foon?. I didn’t make them because I would basically be the only one eating them this week, and quite frankly they didn’t appeal to me.

Don’t be a hater.

Instead, I’m gonna show you how to make a Bird of Paradise.

The boy has been taking a Garde Manger class this quarter, and couldn’t wait to show me how to make this lovely little thing.

First you grab an apple, begin to mess with it, but wait!   gotta send a text first.

Mix some water and lemon juice.

Sharpen mom’s wee knife instead of using the professional knife that mom bought for college, because that might take him away from the texting.

Slice a wee bit off the bottom and dip into the lemon juice.

Dip the bottom, too because we don’t want it turning brown.

Slice three ovals into the apple, getting larger as you go.   You can see how they are being cut.

Dip all the pieces into the lemon juice, stopping only to text.

Cut out a chunk for the neck.

Fan out the ovals on the sides.

And on the top.

Take the bottom piece and wack wee bits off.

He didn’t show me how to do this because of the texting.

Take a wee bit of tooth pick and attach the head, and voila.

Bird of paradise.

Isn’t it lovely?

But who?   who could be the beneficiary of all that texting???

Why his sweet girlfriend Bethany of course.


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34 thoughts on “January 12”

  1. This was way better than seeing more TWD actually…LOL. How much can one say about all those little selves fried in oil and sprinkled w powdered sugar? Very cute little birdie over here, and the chick looks very cute, too. Fun post. BTW, tried to email you at 4hisglory, etc. email and it was returned saying there was no such address, but it was the same address I had used before when we were chatting last week. Thoughts? We made flatbread this week and I wanted to see if you wanted to twitter flatbread with us! Re comment on LB plates, etc. Not intentional, except for this week…it WAS intentional this week as my thoughts on the recent events left me feeling a little uncharitable about featuring it this week. It can’t last as I don’t own much else, but this week, I decided I wasn’t giving it a nod. Thoughts and hugs for all of you.

  2. I totally understand the texting, my daughter texts me from her room or sitting at the end of the couch. Love the bird of paradise, always wondered how they did those things.

    So glad superman found another job. Will continue to pray for you and your family. Logging onto your blog is one of the highlights of my day.

  3. very cute post! I love that he’s in cooking school or should I say culinary. My hubby is pushing me to go to CIA–it’s not like we don’t already have $60K in student loans already.

  4. Thank you so much Chic for keeping up with me while I was away! I appreciate it very much!

    A very happy new year to you and your family… lots of joy, health and prosperity, and of course, many more posts to make us laugh!

  5. Love the bird – that’s so cute!
    And I love the making fun of the son with the texting 🙂 I tell my four children that that’s why we had them – to make them work, and to laugh at them 🙂

  6. Hahahahahaha…I’m getting such a kick out of this. Now if you tell me that Bethany was sitting right there watching this all the time, I’ll be on the floor.

    And, btw, what a lovely creation!

  7. That is quite a talented son you have there! Texting and styling at the same time – didn’t even break a sweat! My hands would be shaking and there would be blood, I’m sure of it!

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