12 thoughts on “January 11”

  1. Lol!! That’s our house as well, although I have to admit-I’m also an addict. I didn’t use to be a texter but when my DD convinced me to get a full keyboard on my phone I converted.
    It can be annoying but honestly sometimes it’s more convenient for the kids (or me) to give me a quick text especially in places where you don’t wnat everyone to hear you. Every once in awhile I’ll get a text from one of my girls with an issue that they probably wouldn’t have “told” me about but for some reason it’s easier to put in a text.
    Come on CC, be a follower!!!!

    1. The one Superman is using, he bought for me for my birthday, then his broke, so he took mine.

      The girl got her’s for Christmas from the Grandparents, and the boy…well, he bought his own.

  2. Blech! Can I just say how much I dislike cell phones? And texting? And the rudeness of people texting someone else while I’m attempting to have a a conversation with them? And people talking on their cellphones while the cashier at the grocery store is trying to get them to pay for their groceries? And I could go on…
    Maybe it’s just because I don’t really like talking on the phone, and I live in the country and really don’t see the need for constant connection.
    Just don’t tell anyone about my slight facebook, and blog addiction. 🙂

  3. My girl is the only one w/o a cell phone, though I let her use my quite frequently to text friends. I have found it is a quick way to get in touch w/my family and they actually listen. It keeps me from yelling so much.

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