January 5

Today is a celebration.

Not only are we celebrating he birth of my mother, 61 years ago today, we are celebrating the second year of Tuesdays with Dorie.

So in celebration, everyone got a chance to vote on what to make for today.

The clear winner was Tarte Tatain.

Such a fancy sounding dessert, but oh. so. simple.

Cut and peel, and quarter 8 apples.

Melt a stick of butter.

Sprinkle on ΒΎ a cup of sugar.

Pack your apples in.

Halve the rest of the apples and toss them on.

Let that pan sit on medium for about 15-20 minutes till the butter and sugar caramelize.

Cover with puff pastry, tucking in the extra.

Bake that pan of deliciousness for about 30 minutes.

Flip it over on a rimmed cake plate, unless yours broke 3 weeks ago,Β  and then you can flip it over onto a parchment lined baking sheet.

And 10 minutes later, dig into a fabulous…fabulous…fabulous dessert.

If you’d like the recipe for this wonderful, comforting, and easy dessert just click here.



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46 thoughts on “January 5”

  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom and I hope that she gets to enjoy that delicious dessert, which I won’t even attempt to spell.

  2. Well, when you put it like that, there was no excuse for me not to have made this! πŸ™‚ Yours looks delicious! I made the cake instead, always choosing chocolate over apples. May have to rethink that way of living in 2010.

  3. Holy cow girl your apples are like the picture..I tried and tried to get that rich dark color but it just wasn’t going to happen. It sure did taste good though..I hear you on kids..you never know what thee going to say!
    Happy Birthday to your Mom..She is beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous photo of Mom…a very happy birthday wish for her! Are you sure you shouldn’t be doing food photography somewhere as a profession? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Wonderful post, as always. Hugs for other things going on in your life.

  5. WOW, your tart looks gorgeous! My mouth is watering looking at your photos! :o) I’m definitely keen to try this recipe. I hope mine looks as lovely as yours. Yum!

  6. After reading the recipe link you provided, I came back and just copied your steps down. She makes it sound SOOOO complicated. Thank YOU for breaking it down into something I will actually try!

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. That tarte looks amazing. We celebrated a birthday, too with this pick but went with the cake. I think the tarte was the way to go.

  8. Your mom looks happy and healthy. I am told 60 is the new 50. Since I am closer to 70 than 60 I wonder what the new will be?

    Apple Tarte looks good, but did you pass up making a Cocoa Buttermilk Cake for an apple creation?

  9. No chocolate? I’m shocked! … actually, I enjoyed making this SO much more… your photos are stunning. Glad you had some fun with this as well – looks wonderful!

  10. Love those photos!! I went with the cake this week but the tarte is on my short list of things to make in the next few weeks, especially after all of the gorgeous tartes I’ve seen on the TWD blogs πŸ™‚

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