January 4

So we had to get another car.

The boy’s vehicle has been dying a very slow, very agonizing, very expensive death, and the last week of December, it finally gave up the ghost.

So this is what we got.

But we can not figure out what color it is.

It isn’t quite silver, it isn’t quite gold, it isn’t quite any color.

The title says ‘beige’.

What color do you think it is?



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23 thoughts on “January 4”

  1. Our van has the same problem. Supposedly it’s green, but it looks more beige, but not really beige. I have no idea what to call it. We live 25 miles out of town though, so mostly I just call it dirty.

  2. I have a Civic that’s Champagne…but I like to call it “old person colored”. At least out here in California the vast majority of old people drive gold/silvery cars. Amusingly, anyone I mention my version of the name knows EXACTLY what color I’m talking about :).

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