December 29

As I type, it is a whole 54º in the house.

I am surmising that either the pilot needs some lighting, or the furnace needs some fixing.

Either way, it is cold!

And difficult to think.

And difficult to type.

Maybe I should bake another Pecan Pie, but not just any old pecan pie.

This is Dories favorite pecan pie.

It has cinnamon, and espresso and chocolate in it, and let me tell you, it is out of this world good.

I took it to our families Christmas party, and everyone loved it.

If you’d like to make it, go check out Beth’s blog Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina. The recipe is there.

Me? I’m gonna go huddle with the cats until it gets warm in here.


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20 thoughts on “December 29”

  1. Pecan pie. Our favorite. That is what Jarrod wants for his birthday Thursday instead of cake. I wonder if he would like it with the chocolate? I better not mess with my recipe. He gets stuck on it one way and tells me,” don’t mess with perfection”. Hope you are warming up. Come to my house,it is warm. The furnace came on one time yesterday and so far one time this morning.

  2. It looks great! Love your scalloped crust edges. I stink at making crusts look pretty. And I think next time I want to chop the nuts so there’s more nut to goo ratio in every bite!
    And brrrrr, hope you get your heat issue solved SOON! It’s only 10 degrees here and I’m not sure I would survive without the heat, we don’t have any cats! 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  3. That pie looks great! Sorry you are having heat problems. Your link to “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina” sends me to a picture on Flikr:

    I need pie!!!

  4. Mmmm, pecan pie! I haven’t made that for so long. I’ve been eating Purdy’s (do you have Purdy’s Chocolates in the States?) Sweet Georgia Browns this week – toasted and lightly salted pecans in delicious caramel, with a nice dollop of milk chocolate. I don’t know what I’m going to do when they’re all gone.
    Hope your heat gets fixed soon! I am so glad we have a woodstove!

  5. Those cats are putting out steady temps of 100 to 102 degrees, but you probably need a herd. (Honestly, the things I learn while visiting blogs.) Hope that the furnace is fixed right away!

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