18 thoughts on “December 27”

  1. Oh, it still is.

    As long as everything’s back together before New Year’s (or before company comes, whichever comes first), I’m OK with that. Baby steps, baby steps.

  2. We had some company on Christmas Day, so the house is in pretty good shape. The only clutter is my gift-wrapping station. The decorations themselves are still up until next weekend, but they’re not clutter.

  3. I have 4 children in a tiny house – I wish I could remember what decluttered might look like!
    Usually the tree and decorations stay up until New Year’s, but this year they are coming down today. It wasn’t a great tree this year and it’s turning brown. It doesn’t help that the woodstove is nearby making everything dryer too.
    The rest of the Christmas mess gets dealt with tomorrow when my husband is gone for work.

  4. The girl’s room was a wreck yesterday, but I picked up. I also cleaned out her closet and dresser to pack up small/out of season clothes/shoes.
    The rest of the house is a wreck, but we need to pick up and rearrange to set up her kitchen!
    I usually wait to take down decorations until after New Year’s, but I want to do it early this time.

  5. If my hubby had his way it would stay decorated until spring. But, he doesn’t always get his way, so by January 4th it will be back to normal.(whatever that is)

  6. Merry Christmas Chocy!! I wanted you to know that your Dec 9 post was so awesome I used it for my Christmas greetings this year – of course I gave proper credit to you. I hope you don’t mind, but that was just the perfect message… let Jesus find you where you are. I love it. Thank you for your wonderful daily posts and giving me something to look forward to when I come to your website. Bless you. kk

  7. Mine usually stays that way for at least a week. This year was different! My grandson received a John Deere Gator from Santa this year and in his air of excitement he backed over the Christmas tree sending it toppling to the floor. BOY what a mess that made … SO amid all the Christmas Day festivities I added removing the tree and cleaning up the mess. It was nice to wake up on Saturday morning and not have to face the mess and know that everything is packed neatly away until next year.

  8. Well my living room was looking pretty good until Wed. evening when we got home w/hubby!! It will begin to look much better next week when hubby goes back to work. It is so hard to have his suitcase out but it makes no sense to have it put away only to get it out in a few days.

  9. We de-Christmas’ed the house today and it feels REALLY great! I love Christmas but the clutter begins to get on my nerves really quickly after the presents are opened!

    Happy New Year!

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