December 19

Why is my boy standing on my island?

And what is it with men and duct taping their shoes?   I have a hot glue gun upstairs!

And why is he drilling holes?

Better picture of the duct tape on the boots.

So he could hang my new pot rack from my inlaws.

I have wanted one of these for YEARS, Internet…YEARS!

I was almost jumping for joy.

Isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!


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23 thoughts on “December 19”

  1. Haha! My husband has duct tape on his shoes. Because they are his favourite pair and he’s not ready to throw them out. I think they are past the point where duct tape can help them though.
    I’ve always loved pot racks too. Maybe someday I’ll have a kitchen I could put one in. With pots that could actually hang from it. Are those new pots to go with the new pot rack?

  2. Congratualtions on the new pot rack and the speedy install. It is so much fun to receive something you have wanted for a while.

    The picture of the pot rack and pots is lovely. I like the reflection of the blue on the pans.

  3. I LOVE IT! You must have the Best in-laws in the world!

    All I ever got from my husband’s foster parents was a non-electric, push floor sweeper (we’d just gotten married 10 days earlier and on my wish-list was a vacuum for our new condo) – and after I unwrapped it in front of the family at Christmas, his beastly foster-mother jumped up, grabbed a pair of scissors and came at me with them to cut the UPC off the side of the box (which was still in my lap!) because she said there was a $5.00 rebate offer on it that she wanted to submit for!

    That was 24 years ago. And, it’s been 23 wonderful years since we’ve talked to them!

    LOVE your pot rack!

  4. I would love to have one but there is no space for one.

    As for the duct tape on boots…my hubby tells me that any boots that you could wear out the top on the boot should have duct tape over to help protect them as duct tape is cheaper to replace than the boots. He does this with his bunny boots and hiking boots also.

  5. Love it!!!
    $200 is an amazing price on the cookware. Do you love it??? Are the handles insulated, or do they get hot???

  6. Do your lids hang also? If so how do they attach on the hooks?
    Jose has a lot of problems keeping his pots and pans and lids orderly! Maybe hanging them would help…Christmas is coming!

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