December 18

It is Friday, Internet, and I am nosy.

I have a few questions about gift wrapping.

How seriously do you take gift-wrapping?

Do you save gift-wrapping to re-use later?

How picky are you when it comes to selecting wrapping paper?

Who do you know is the most talented at wrapping gifts?


If I’m in the mood, I take wrapping very seriously, and I always save good bows to re-use, bags to re-use and ribbon if it is good, but I don’t save the paper.

My sister is the most talented in wrapping presents…once she even used bandaids as tape because we were out.


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  1. I love cute wrapping paper, but I buy most of it after Christmas and just store it until the following year. Target totally had cute paper in the $1 section this year too.

    My husband does most of our actual wrapping though. πŸ˜€

  2. I love wrapping gifts and the fam agrees I’m the best. I worked at cracker barrel when I was younger and they taught me how to efficiently and quickly wrap a gift. I save bows too. They still look new after one use so it feels wrong to throw them out. I’ve been known to gather them at my moms house to use at home the next year. πŸ™‚

  3. I love to wrap gifts when I have the time and energy. I like coordinating everything or even making my own paper.
    I would say that probably me, my mother, or Tim’s Aunt Betty are the best gift wrappers I know. Of course, Betty isn’t doing well health-wise right now, so I doubt that her wrapping skills are what they used to be.

  4. I wish I had the time to take gift-wrapping seriously!

    Love bows, save bows, make bows and buy tons of holiday ribbon when it’s 50% off.

    Been buying Costco Christmas paper – good stuff, lasts for about 3 years.

  5. Like Sheri, I buy my paper at Costco – we’ve had a couple rolls for 5-6 years!! This is the first year that I have not bought any more paper!!

    I take wrapping seriously and do my best with each gift whether I use boxes, paper, or bags.

    I do not normally save paper but occasionally I will. I do save bows and sometimes tissue paper if it is nice and not torn though I do buy more each year as my family can go through the paper fast!

    Honestly my dad is the best wrapper that I know of though he rarely does it any longer except maybe for mom at Christmas but even then I am not sure.

  6. I love that your sister once used band aids when she ran out of tape! That’s SO funny!

    My sister is the best wrapper in the family. I get frustrated with it. I’d much rather bake cookies. She can curl ribbon so tight it’s ridiculous! And mine is always a loopy mess.

    I save gift bags, but I don’t save the rest. I bought all of the gift wrap I have at Target about 4 years ago and haven’t bought any more since. It was on sale…I love Target clearance items.:)

  7. I save gift bags and ribbon and bows, if they are in good shape. I am not a serious wrapper. I like to use gift bags and always save the gift bags. I used to be able to find a package of flat gift wrap but I have not seen it for several years. I don’t like storing the long rolls of paper.

  8. I love to wrap gifts! I save everything but the paper. Mama always saved the paper and we could only use the tiniest pieces of tape to hold it together. I still conserve tape but I draw the line at used wrapping paper.

  9. I love wrapping gifts and always try to match the paper to the person or the present. If bows, ribbon and gift bags are in good condition I save them, but never paper. I’ve got a fair bit of wrapping still to do for Christmas – MUST start on it tomorrow. (Who said “tomorrow never comes”, lol.)

  10. I love gift bags. I am not good at wrapping gifts. I love the way your mom does it. I remeber one time when Andra gave us gifts wrapped in grocery sacks hand painted with little gingerbread men. Lots of time went into that.

  11. We take gift wrapping pretty serious here. Every year we select a “theme”, this year it’s snowmen – every present must be wrapped in snowman paper. Last year was brown paper, the year before was newspaper, and the year before that was all green. Oh, and the bows must be “real” – ribbon, fabric, raffia – none of that plastic mess- the cats eat those 😦

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