December 14

Have y’all ever heard of Etsy?

You haven’t?

You are missing out!  Etsy is a place to buy and sell all things home made, and I heart looking at all the stuff there.

A friend of mine, Suzanne from at home with the farmers wife has a wee shop there, she makes aprons…some are retro aprons made from new cloth, and some are made from men’s dress shirts, and are paired with designer fabrics and trims.

She sent me a special something from her shop.

Presents!   I love presents!!!

I got it in the mail Saturday, and I wanted to photograph it, but I needed a model.

Superman to the rescue.

Please forgive the quality of these photos,  laughing and photography don’t always live in perfect harmony.

First we need to do ‘make up’.

Uh…Superman…honey…models pose.

No, sorry, ‘I’m a little tea pot’ does not count as posing.

Thanks sweetie.   Uhhh…I need a new model.

This is how it is done.

This apron is beautifully stitched with wonderful quality fabrics.

Mine Some even have appliques.

And they are all lovingly hand made by The Farmer’s Wife.

Want to order one just like mine?  Go here.

If you’d like to see what other designs she has, take a look here.

Thanks Suzanne, you did a fabulous job, and I love it!!!!


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    1. P.S. If you are at loss for a Christmas gift for me, you could get me The Farmer’s Wife Magic Poinsettia Hostess Apron 😀

  1. What a gorgeous apron! Your daughter looks good in it, but my heart goes out to Superman for trying – those photos make me laugh! Etsy is very dangerous for me – I see too many things I like.

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