December 11

It is Friday, Internet and I’m nosy.

Last week I went to start addressing Christmas cards, but I couldn’t find them in their usual spot.  You know, under some dusty books on the top shelf of my book shelf.

Isn’t that where everyone keeps their Christmas cards?

There are times when I really like that Superman works at Stuffmart, because I can just say “Superman, will you please bring home some …. and last night it was Christmas cards.

My question to you is do you still send Christmas cards?  and if so, have you mailed them out yet or am I the only one slacking?



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23 thoughts on “December 11”

  1. I usually have them all addressed and ready to go by now. I won’t be sending them this year. My husband lost his job last week and we have to be careful with our money! Stamps are expensive and multiply that by the 50 cards I send…not this year.

  2. I try to send them out every other year but the past few years it has been neglected. Now I just send a card with a personal note inside to whoever is kind enough to send us one!!

  3. I still send them out–especially to out-of-town friends and to the “older” people in my community–funny :-)I am quickly becoming one of “them.” I also have a few more to address but the majority will be mailed today.

  4. I”m working on the 200 for work, then I will do my cards, but first I have to get a picture of my DD and then I have picture cards made, I don’t have to write much on them that way.

  5. Last year I thought they were going to end up being New Year’s Cards instead of Christmas cards! I love getting them and vowed this year to get them out earlier.

  6. I don’t do Christmas cards. I wish I was the kind of person who did Christmas cards. I love receiving them, with the Christmas letter and family picture, but I’m just not a letter writing or letter mailing kind of person.

  7. I never sent out cards. I knew if I started people would look for them each year and I am a slacker so more then likely they wouldn’t of ever got done 😦

  8. We always talk like we’re going to. We get it all planned – in theory – and then – 4 out of 5 years, we just never get around to it! Occasionally I will put together an e-card (i.e., a Christmas letter in PDF format) and email it out to everyone we have email addresses for – being that our mailing list is over 200 people long – that’s my favorite way! 🙂

    Guess I oughta get started working on the one for this year – our daughter is graduating from high school in June – I’m sure there are plenty of family and friends who are in just as much denial as I am that she could possibly be reaching that milestone in life!

  9. I usually do – every year. But not this year. It’s a rebellion of sorts. It has been very liberating, but I’ll probably send them again next year.

  10. I send out a few to those I don’t see real often. I e-mail some and then hand out the others. Stamps are so expensive,sometimes you have to cut corners. I would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you who read CC’s blog. God bless each and everyone of you this time of year. Remember the old cliche’, “Jesus is the reason for the season”

  11. I still send Christmas cards (about 70 on my list) but every year my address list changes a little. I remove addresses of people I haven’t heard from (or received a card from) in a long time, and add new friends that come into my life since the last time I sent cards.

    I have a little festive bucket that hangs on one of the door knobs on a door to our living room that holds all the cards we receive – and it’s fun to watch it fill up.

    I’m not one of those people that writes their whole year’s life story in an annual letter (that’s why I have a blog, right?) either. I do try to write something short and sweet to personalize my cards because I don’t like to recieve a card that’s just been signed. That seems too impersonal/business-like to me.

    Happy Friday and weekend!

  12. I start buying my cards in November (right after Thanksgiving, sometimes a bit before, even though I can’t stand to decorate until after Turkey Day)-if I’m making my cards, I start in the summer.

    My cards went out on December 1.

  13. Not sure yet if I will send cards or not. The loss is still so fresh, so great, and sometimes numbing, I think it is too hard at times to think about Christmas at all. Can you tell I am having a moment-lol.

  14. I sent out around 40 this year. I love getting them but for the last 4-5 years the number I have received has really dwindled.

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