December 10

You know I have a desperate aversion to snow.

I don’t like it.

I don’t want it around.

I think it should be banned.

Except in the month of December.

December should have snow.


And right now even Arizona has massive amounts of snow on the ground.

But this is all we got.

I’ve been jipped!



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21 thoughts on “December 10”

  1. I would LOVE some snow – like you, I feel cheated when winter is over and we haven’t gotten any! I say if the trees have to lose their leaves then it BETTER snow!

    If it’s not going to snow, then it better bloom!

    Happy Thursday!

  2. My kids are VERY put out we haven’t had any yet, too. There’s a chance Friday night/Saturday morning. We’ll see – there’s talk that it may be freezing rain – and if that’s the case, I’d rather just skip it!

    BTW – nice NOTW sticker on the car! 🙂 We love C28!

  3. I love C28! they are amazing and they really strive to get the gospel out with their clothing. I need to get some more of their clothes….wait…Christmas is coming up…(hint hint Chocolatechic)

  4. I am GLAD we didn’t get any more snow than what your pic showed. The wind is more than making up for the snow. It can snow on Christmas Eve Day like inch or 2 and stay for Christmas Day and then just poof—disappear for another year!

    P.S. God knew we needed to have a decent Monday and Tuesday. He is so so good.

    1. Partly so that we’ll know just how white Christ can make our hearts when we turn to Him.

      Personally I am one who loves snow – I’m living in the wrong state to hate the stuff. Winter should have snow on the ground.

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