December 8

I’m a simple kind of gal.

I have simple tastes.

Simple wants.

Simple needs.


Mother, do not laugh.

I love a simple thin wedding band with a simple 1+ carat diamond mounted on.

Chocolate is very simple.

And so are Sables.

Sables are a French cookie that is made simply with butter, sugar, flour and egg yolk….plus the wee bit of vanilla bean paste I slipped in.

I doubled the batch because, Internet, these cookies are by far the best cookie you could ever eat.

They are buttery, and melty, slightly sweet, and a wee bit crunchy.

I only baked one forth of the batch, because I simply would have eaten them all.

Barbara of Bungalow Barbara picked today’s TWD, and she has the recipe on her blog.

If you too, have simple tastes, go check out the recipe.   It is a perfect cookie for Christmas…or for simply eating them all yourself.


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49 thoughts on “December 8”

  1. Mmmm. Very similar to shortbread, which is my very favourite cookie. I have a hard time not eating the entire batch of shortbread cookies.

  2. I am making these today with your recipe! I have to make cookies for a group of 4th and 5th graders at our church tomorrow. I’m making peppermint meringue kisses and these! I think now I’m going to pull out the colored sugar! Awesome!

  3. You. ROCK. more. It’s your photos. How do you do that? Get such great, clear close up shots of colored sugar? I can’t do that! (If I hadn’t stuck a bunch of these in the freezer, I’d be eating too many also!

  4. Yeah right! I’ll try to slip that one to my hubby… a simple carat on a plain band! LOL LOL …then, I’ll slip him your phone number, k?

    I’m sure I’ll have to settle for butter cookies, but then again, if they’re as beautiful as yours… they’re surely worth a million anyways! lol

  5. Where do you get the vanilla paste?

    If I cannot find the sprinkles you used what could I use as a substitute? I would like to make these for our ladies Christmas party & cookie exchange on Thursday which leaves no time for ordering and no Amish community w/in 10hr flight time.

      1. OK, I will use my homemade vanilla 🙂 in place of the paste. I did find some of the sprinkles at Michaels Tues. so I’ll use those to roll the dough in. I’m going to get the recipe now.

  6. I added vanilla paste to the first batch I made but forgot it in the second and the first batch was noticably better… so, good call on the vanilla.

    I agree, these were fantastic!

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