December 4

It is Friday Internet, and I am nosy.

This year has flown so fast.

Way to fast.

I want to know, if you could choose any symbolic way to end 2009, how would you end it?



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21 thoughts on “December 4”

  1. I would hold a ceremonial 2009 calendar burning party! This has been on of the worst years for me personally, and for my family! I’m ready to move on and leave 2009 behind!

  2. For me 2009 has not been near as painful as 2008 but still not a great year. In that light I am hoping to close it in much the same way that I have closed the last 3 years – helping to blow-up Christmas trees at our church’s annual New Year’s Eve party.

  3. I am having a symbolic ending to this yr. My house just sold and Ill be on the road for Christmas. Im moving out of state. I most likely wont be in a new home until after the first of the yr. I am starting a new life….again … this age (57). My bf and I are buying our own home. Im leaving my family behind and beginning all new beginnings, new home, new life with a new man and a new state and new work. Cant get much more symbolic than that I think 🙂

  4. Oh I can think of several possible ways…

    1. End the year – laying on a tropical beach somewhere, soaking up the sun, smootching my husband!

    2. I liked what Kath said – just got hit with about a quarter of a million dollars of medical bills – a fight with the insurance company ensues… But if those could just go away – THAT would be sweet!

    3. End the year gathered with all of our scattered family gathered together somewhere that we could just enjoy one another and the rare opportunity to be together!

  5. The best thing to me would be to bring all of our troops home from Afghanistan. We have so many young Afghan men “refugees” in this country, why aren’t they home fighting their own battles? I would like to say none of my family are out there but I feel for families with sons, husbands or other relatives fighting this senseless war. Too many are coming home in coffins.

  6. Many good answers and I did not have a good answer until I read Aunt Cindy’s. Praying and reading scripture will be a good ending and beginning.

  7. The most symbolic thing for me would be a roller coaster with very high peaks and very low points… .
    It has been a year of amazing things (the birth of Zachary, every second I get to spend with my wonderful family) and really difficult things (the death of my dad, work turning into a nightmare).
    So here’s to a more even keeled year 🙂

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