December 1

First I just need to say don’t forget about my give away.

I still have a glut of leftovers from Thanksgiving, gingerbread trifle and pumpkin log, so I didn’t make today’s TWD.


I’m also making turkey soup.


What do you put in your leftover turkey soup?







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15 thoughts on “December 1”

  1. That’s a good question…I’ve never made it before but I did make bone broth from the turkey bones and am going to make soup tomorrow. I found a recipe that adds wild rice, onion, mushrooms, bacon and some seasonings. Hopefully it is yummy.

  2. Carrots, onions, potatoes, corn, turkey, and turkey broth☺ Yummy!!!!! That’s what I’m having for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!!! Last year around Thanksgiving time, mom made me some turkey soup, and it the best thing. Especially when I got sick and my throat hurt really bad. Noodles sound yummy in the soup as well, But I think I’ll stick with my version. Have a peachy day y’all!!!!!!!!

  3. I’m about to throw out some enchiladas with 5 day old turkey I made. Did you freeze the turkey?

    I made the pear tart, but REALLY different from the TWD recipe and much, much smaller!

  4. Can’t say I’ve done the Thanksgiving turkey soup, but I would put in:
    lots of veggies
    the cajun trio of celery, onion, and pepper
    probably rice or red potatoes
    Sounds good….I should make some. Oh wait, I have no turkey leftover.

  5. I made the pear tart. You didn’t miss anything. And about the turkey soup: Last year I threw some leftover gravy in there, and it was amazing. Easily the best soup I’ve ever made.

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