November 24

The end of last week, the youth leader of our church bagged a wild turkey and brought it to us.

Wild turkey.

How in the world does one fix a wild turkey, because Internet…they are the scrawniest looking things!

See!  Scrawny.

First I brined it for about 24 hours.   I really think this was key.

Then I plopped this wee 8½ little lady down on some carrot and potato.

Gave it the salt and pepper treatment.

Since the poor thing was skinless, I gave her some skin.

In the form of pork.

Oh!  How I love pork!

Then I roasted it for 15 minutes per pound at 350º.

It was tender, juicy and not in the least bit gamey.

I feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder.


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25 thoughts on “November 24”

  1. How fun, never had a wild one before 🙂 and I live in the heart of hunting country. :-p I’m picking up my fresh turkey this afternoon, poor thing is being butchered probably as we speak :-/

    1. I have done that before, but fortunately it came to me gutted and skinned.

      The easiest way to defeather is to dunk it and swish it in boiling water and the feathers pull out easily.

      And when you cut off the neck, you just pull the guts out. Easy peasy!

  2. That is soooo kewl!!

    I love the idea of adding bacon — my favorite condiment! What doesn’t bacon go with? LOL

    Did you seriously defeather it – YOURSELF???
    Or did the boy chip get that job? LOL

  3. Wild turkey we don’t have around here, but we do have various kinds of partridge type birds. Don’t ask me what they are, I have no idea. I just do the cooking and eating part. As for cleaning the wild birds, the men do that – they rip the skin off feathers and all, then gut them.
    We also eat plenty of wild red meat here – moose, deer and elk. Sometimes caribou. Moose, deer and elk are very plentiful close by, caribou means going a little farther afield. The moose and elk are very good and if done right, have very little to no gamey flavour. Deer I do not like and caribou I’ve only had once – it was very, very gamey and nasty, but I don’t think it always has to be that way.
    The brining and bacon were a good idea. Wild game does not have the fat and so needs some more moisture added.

  4. My husband has decided to brine our HUGE 13 lb. turkey this year. Have never done it that way. I’m leaving all that up to him. I need to focus on some pies and things! 😉

    1. Normally I put pickling salt(it dissolves well in cold water) sugar, either orange or apple juice, thyme, bay leaves, pepper corns, etc…

      But I just did salt in this because I didn’t know how well the wildness of the bird would go with all that.

  5. I am cracking up!

    Now I know what those big birds we see in our yard every morning/evening look like naked! Oh, my!

    Looks like you made the most of it…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  6. I bagged my turkey at work. After a whole day of stalking the sneaky fowl, I finally caught it. Then I took it home before it thawed out.

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