November 19

As I get older, my rememberer gets stuck on ‘forget’ more often than not.


Last Friday was payday, and the girl and I had been busily spending all of Superman’s hard earned money at Stuffmart and Aldi.


I heart Aldi.


We left Aldi around noon, and the girl said “I’m staaaarrrrrrrving!”


Since Aldi is very close to Taco Bell, I pulled in there to grab me a burrito.


I ordered, payed, and pulled away, and began to leave the parking lot.


Girl: Mom, where are you going?



CC: Home.



Girl: Without your food?


Yep…the brain…it is stuck.




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12 thoughts on “November 19”

  1. Survivor is on tonight. Set a timer so you dont forget. Then put up a large note why the timer went off!!! A sticky note on the remote for the channel.
    Let the brain relax while you enjoy the show!!!

  2. I’m glad to know it’s not just ME!!
    I have done that exact same thing and AT TACO BELL??
    What is it with the way they take your money and hand you the napkins/straws…. I just drive off!

    Then I feel so stupid when I have to go inside and admit my stupidity! LOL

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