November 18

Up here in the north, when fall merges into winter, the sun doesn’t shine much.


Then during the 5-6 months of full blown winter, the sun rarely shines.


This is a total bummer for me on so many levels, but the one I particularly want to chat about today is lighting for food photography.


I always have great light in the summer, but in the last couple of months I have had to rush to make something when the sun is actually shining.


This rushing thing is not fun.


So I got ahold of my BFF Google, and we chatted about how to make home made light boxes.


I liked a lot of Googles ideas, but light boxes are to small for some of the things that I photograph.


So I came up with my own solution.


A squeezy-clampy-light-thingie and a full spectrum light bulb attached to my tri-pod.


It works perfectly, and it doesn’t take up space to store it.


It is a win-win!


Now if I could just find a solution for self cleaning toilets….




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16 thoughts on “November 18”

  1. It wouldn’t hurt you to get about an hour of that bright light every day as we discussed in our conversation yesterday. I was really hoping for a winter in Florida this year but I guess “we can’t always get what we want” .I had to move back to the Ohio Tundra from the Florida heat, don’t get to eat fresh from the tree oranges in February, but I will get to be with part of my wonderful family for the holidays.
    But I really do miss the hot sunshine. See you next week.

  2. I didn’t know your KA was decorated, too. Love the pink roses!

    Another photo trick is to use white or silver windshield sun screens as reflectors. Actually, any large surface like a posterboard would work, but the screens fold up nicely.

  3. What an awesome contraption! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    And please pass that knowledge along on the self cleaning toilets, should you ever find it.:)

  4. My light is bad most of the year since our kitchen is on the side of the house, and in the Bay area the houses are so close together you can reach out and touch your neighbor. You’ve got me thinking… and shopping… Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. this winter I am not taking drugs, I am taking lots of vit D3 with magnesium & calcium. so far so good. plus I’m tanning too. we have, like you, maybe 4 hours of sunlight a day here in the frozen tundra? lol

  6. I’ve been talking about making a light box kind of thing for a year, but you just went and did it. Very cool, and I may just steal your idea. (Or I may not, and just keep complaining about not having enough light.)

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