November 17

Every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my Aunt Cindy makes a wonderful pumpkin log.

The best thing about this pumpkin log is the cake to frosting ratio.

It is 1:1.



You see, I’m all about frosting, and Aunt Cindy gets me.


The recipe that I made for today’s TWD is All in One Holiday Bundt Cake that Britin from the nitty britty picked.


It reminds me a lot of Aunt Cindy’s pumpkin log.


So as a nod to my beloved aunt, I tweaked the optional maple syrup icing and added 3 oz. of cream cheese.




Britin will have the recipe on her blog NEXT Tuesday.



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42 thoughts on “November 17”

  1. Yummm… think I may make this for a potluck.

    Except… You kind of confused me when you stated “optional maple icing”, really? Icing should NEVER be “optional”.

  2. You always make/cook such yummy looking stuff, but who eats this? I mean… does your family enjoy/eat all of this food?

    I would love to experiment with so many new recipes, but I would be the only one trying them and we can’t have that… my hiney is wide enough!

  3. Oh my, oh my, now THIS is a cake. When it comes to coffee cake, I need at least a 1:1 ration of cake to streusel. Same rule for cake to frosting. Very well done!

  4. Did you use all the fruit? I wondered if you would do that…I’ve been wanting to make this recipe, too. I’m totally going to put in the cream cheese – awesome idea. Can it be considered coffee cake? So many questions. Come bake for me, please?

  5. Your cake looks fantastic! Love that you added cream cheese to the icing–I bet that was delicious. Will definitely do that next time! We loved this cake as well!

  6. Looks just gorgeous. Wow! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I’m really looking forward to making the bundt cake next week after seeing these photos, yum! :o)

  7. ooooh, I am very excited to make your version of the frosting!! Looks amazing! I made this, froze it and am serving it on thanksgiving! can’t wait to finally taste it!!

  8. Im loving this cake and really loving the frosting! I think your cream cheese addition was the right way to go! Your cake is so pretty and Im glad you all liked eating it!

  9. I love pumpkin logs! I have yet to make one
    though, its on my to do list 🙂
    I think your cake came out wonderful and
    I can imagine how awesome it tasted with
    the cream cheese frosting. Way to go.

  10. So, here’s how I eat a slice: nibble out all the insides, then savor the outside ‘rind’ that is coated with maple icing. That’s the best part. 😉

    I’ll have to try your cream cheese icing next time.

  11. The cake looks wonderful. I really liked this recipe too. I’m planning on making it again for Thanksgiving and I might just do a creamcheese frosting.

  12. Oooh! The cream cheese tweak is totally getting to me. By the way, neat idea with the light. I have to do something…this time change is killing me. I can’t get dinner done and photographed before the sun goes down. Thanks for sharing.

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