November 16

It has been fairly warm here in Pothole.


Perfect weather for cleaning up yard trash, garden leftovers and putting up Christmas lights.


Now I know that y’all know how I feel about Christmas.


I heart it.


The lights, the presents, the food, the presents, the music, the presents, the traditions, the presents.


And I have written at length about how I can not stand Christmas music, decorations, lights etc. before Thanksgiving is even on the horizon.


I know that some people get so excited and leave their lights on.


Several people down the street in fact have had theirs on for about a week, but I choose to not look down the street and therefore remain in a state of ignorance.


I love the State of Ignorance.   You don’t have to pay taxes there.





This is across the street from my house, and it can not be ignored.


I wonder if they would suspect me if I unplugged something….








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15 thoughts on “November 16”

  1. I agree with you on the lights before Thanksgiving. Let’s acknowledge that important holiday first, please! Maybe they put “PEACE” on their lawn to calm you down haha.

  2. My Thanksgiving was last month, so definitely no Christmas decorations by Thanksgiving!
    My 3rd baby was born Dec. 1 so I do not put up any Christmas things until after he has his birthday. I figure he should be able to enjoy his birthday and not share it with Christmas celebrations.

  3. Think of it this way: They’re wishing for peace for you. Peace is good–and needed–every day. Who can argue against peace?

    (Although I do agree with you about putting up Christmas decorations way too early!)

  4. I clicked a picture of our neighbor’s Christmas lights last night and thought of you. They are a ways down the road, but I drive by them all the time.

  5. I agree. Here in the Boston area, TWO, count em’ TWO radio stations have been playing Christmas music for a week. ALL DAY LONG. I’m not going to listen until November 27. Let’s let Thanksgiving have its day in the sun!!!!

  6. My favorite 80’s/90’s/now radio station goes ALL Christmas the day after Halloween. It’s devastating! I can’t even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. All the media hype, annoying holiday commericals, it all drives me nuts. Kind of takes away from it all. Sigh.
    Luckily here, not many people on our street put up a bunch of lights.
    Sorry about your “peace”.

  7. I use to hate it, but when I started working outside of the home I realized why some people put their decorations up early. It’s hard to find time with everything else you have to do in your regular routine, so many people put them up when they have time off. Being Pastor’s we have many things going on starting early in the month and again with working full time and our regular activities it’s just hard to find the time.

    When I was a young girl I remember a family had put their decorations up before Thanksgiving because their son was coming home from Viet Nam and wouldn’t be home for Christmas.

    One time when I knew our family wouldn’t be here for Thanksgiving I did put my decorations up early. Our Open House was the first week in December and I had to get them up since I worked. No one but us knew it:)

    Because of the warm weather we are having I may have daddy put the wreaths up today. When you get older It’s harder when it’s freezing cold. Every year we like the cold less and less.


    There may always be a reason we don’t know about for decor going up early.

    Personally I don’t mind the Christmas music. I’m not talking about secular Christmas music. I think Christian Christmas music could be played or sung all year round. It tells the story of our Savior’s birth and that’s something that shouldn’t just be mentioned at Christmas.

    Like you chic I use to HATE it but it doesn’t bother me quite so much anymore. It makes me wonder what the circumstances are in that household, do they have a loved one coming home that won’t be their for Christmas? Is someone dying and they want one more Christmas with that loved one?

    I generally don’t decorate before Thanksgiving, but there may be some circumstances to where I would need to at one time or another.

    Many people are ignorant to the importance of Thanksgiving. I wonder how many really know or remember about the first Thanksgiving. Some may not have had special memories of Thanksgiving or didn’t have family celebrations. I wonder if there is a Thanksgiving Scrooge? I for one LOVE Thanksgivings and I have so much to be thankful for.

    Don’t be surprised however if you do see a few decorations out at our house. Always know however, I am thankful because “It’s a Wonderful LIfe”!

    Didn’t mean to make this so long…you know me sometimes I get started and just go on and on and on.

  8. Hubby put part of our lights up before he left a week ago so that I could have them on now. I love how they brighten things up around the house. We’re hoping to do a bit more but nothing that would win any awards just very simple.

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