November 14

Oh Internet.


Something awful happened yesterday morning.


The girl was cooking her breakfast in a Pampered Chef rice cooker.  Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough liquid in the bottom of the container, and it burnt.


But  not only did it burn the food, but it melted the entire bottom out of the container.


Now the smell of burning food and plastic has permeated the house.


24 hours later the smell is strong. I have opened windows, and burnt candles, and it hasn’t helped.


Anyone have any other ideas?





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12 thoughts on “November 14”

  1. I agree…I think something like an air purifier or ionizer would help. And certainly take a drive somewhere to clear your nostrils and lungs.:)

  2. I hope it isn’t too cold there today – I recommend opening the windows and placing a fan in front of one to blow out the odor.

    I googled it and got everything from baking something to mask the smell, vinegar in containers to absorb the smell to coffee grounds to absorb the smell.

    I hope you got the burnt container out of the house.

  3. I would also try to open the house and air it out.
    Or… if you make microwave popcorn and leave it in for 9 minutes it will burn and overpower the initial odor.
    But… what I would do if I were you is make a ginormous batch of homemade cinnamon rolls and a nice pot of chicken noodle soup… very aromatic.

  4. You could always move.A friend of mine at work saw a mouse in her kitchen and told her husband they had to move. She set out 24 traps. Honestly.

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